It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Thing

By now, most people have acquired a hobby or interest that in some respect defines their identity. That vital piece of my identity is running. Relative to the timeline of my twenty years alive, running has only played a major role for the past two years.

Before my first season of cross country, I had an extensive background in other sports. However, there is very little that can prepare one to fathom the idea of running for an hour or more straight. I still have nightmares from the first day of tryouts as a senior. I was dumbfounded when we were told that we would be running a two-mile warm up. Fast forward two years and I cannot help but laugh every time my watch hits two miles and I am excited for the many more I intend to run that day.

Image Source: Pixabay

Just as musicians are identifiable by their instruments, most runners can be identified by their watch. When people see my Garmin they usually follow with the statement “you must be a runner.” It’s weird that there was a point when I wasn’t considered “a runner” because I cannot imagine my life without all it has brought me.

My gradual transformation into an established runner makes me wonder what defines the moment when one becomes an established artisan at any trade. It was difficult to give up soccer and lacrosse because I was afraid that doing so would make me a “quitter”. However, I could not remember the last time I was genuinely excited for a practice or game. So, I decided to box up my cleats and invest in my first pair of running shoes.

Image Source: Tim Gouw

We all have to begin somewhere and often times just starting is the hardest part. It can also be discouraging when we compare our initial abilities to those who have years of practice on us. However, it is never too late to find “your thing” or perhaps have more than one. There is nothing that makes me happier than listening to someone talk about what makes their entire world revolve. I think we should all set out to find what that thing is.​