I Haven't Done Much

I’m going to be honest with you, I haven’t done much during this quarantine. I would scroll through the various articles, tweets, and posts of how to be more productive during the quarantine and not do them. It started during spring break, right before the stay at home order was issued, that I was enjoying my spring break in the most lazy way possible. I would wake up, roll over and grab my Nintendo switch lite, play Animal Crossing for 6 hours, eat, then sleep. And honestly, not much has changed since spring quarter started either. My routine is pretty much the same except I haphazardly grab my laptop to watch my lectures then I play Animal Crossing.

It’s hard not to feel like I’m not doing enough and that the way that I am living during this quarantine is a waste of time, but it wasn’t necessarily that what I was doing was bad, but it was the way that productive Twitter and productive Instagram were making me feel.

When the gyms closed, the Gym Rat community started posting “At Home Workout” posts. Influencers started to encourage others to start a media platform in order to be more productive at home. You also had the Passion Planner community advocating for you to make an hour by hour schedule of what you should be doing during your time at home. I can acknowledge that these various things are to get you up and away from the quarantine slump! However, I also must acknowledge that it perpetuates the idea that the people that do lay down all day, not workout, and not have a routine set in place are not spending this quarantine in the “right” way. It convinces people that they should be guilty for not being productive. This most likely stems from busy culture, the idea that we must always be doing something, always on the run towards something.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs from Unsplash It’s important to allow yourself to succumb to laziness in order for your body to rest. Rest is what we all need during this time. It doesn’t make you, as a person, any less than those who are productive every day and every hour. It just means that we all have different ways to cope with being at home for such long periods of time. Everyone and anyone is allowed to handle this time in quarantine in any way, shape, or form! Just this past weekend, I watched EDM live streams with my housemate for 12+ hours and it wasn’t because I enjoy EDM (because I honestly don’t, please don’t come for me), it’s because I had ​nothing​ to do so honestly... why not? Go ahead, watch Netflix for 14 hours, eat all the chips in your pantry, and neglect the online readings on your bright screen because what people seem to be forgetting is not that we shouldn’t be lazy, but why should we ​not​ be lazy? There’s nowhere else to go anyway.

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