How to Spend the Holidays Alone Without It Being Depressing

Living in a college town like Davis means that 70% of the people around you will be gone around whichever wintertime holiday (read: Thanksgiving and any December holidays). But what about the students who are international and are unable to fly off to their home country? These people are often forgotten about around the holidays and, unfortunately, may be forced to spend a boring break alone, not surrounded by family or friends.

But wait! There are more ways to spend the holiday season alone than just sitting on your bed watching Netflix.

“But how?” you may ask. Read below to find out:

Go on a day trip.

Have a car? Great! The world is at your choosing (okay, maybe the world up to 150 miles away from you, max). You don’t need your friends or family around you to travel to one of the big cities and tour around to one of the many “Instagram-able” spots that are available in any given metropolitan area. Go to a museum, go sip on some coffee in a hipster-looking coffee shop, or do whatever! Just get out of the house and have some “you” time.

Go on a day trip in your city/immediate area.

Are you a broke college student like me and are lacking a car? That’s fine! There’s this little thing called public transportation (I know, heavily stigmatized, but buses usually aren’t that bad), which works wonders if…you know…it’s the only thing you can afford.


Public transportation will usually be able to get you to at least the next town away, or, if not, just within the city, which is fine, too! There are usually a good number of places to go to inside of a town. Again, the object is to just do something outside of the house.

Work out.

What better way to one-up your friends coming back from holiday breaks than to wow them with your hot bod? Plus, you’ll be super healthy while everyone is eating cookie after cookie! And, the great thing about living in our generation is that you don’t even have to go outside or to the gym to work out! With Youtubers, like Blogilates and Fitness Blender, it’s so easy to just workout in your bedroom or living room.

Go shopping.

Sometimes, especially when you’re feeling a bit lonely, you just need to treat yourself. Black Friday is an amazing time for this, because of all of the deals, but who says that it needs to be that day? Go out and get yourself a nice present to remind yourself how amazing you are, or as a “just because” gift to yourself. Either way, you deserve it and you know it.

Get a job for a few weeks.

This more applies to a lengthier break, like our Winter Break in December, but if you already have a job that is asking for people to volunteer to work during the holiday time, even Thanksgiving works for this time as well. If you don’t have one already, though, apply to some retail jobs now in order to be able to have the job by the time Winter Break rolls around. Many retail chains offer temporary holiday jobs around Christmastime, so if you are able to get one in a local retail store, you’ll be sure to have a good amount of work hours at an okay-ish pay.

Whatever you do, though, remember to just have fun with yourself—most of this requires actually getting out of the house, so just GET OUT. Bid your house adieu, and say hello to some independent fun time. 

Cover image source: Pexels