How SNL is Getting Me Through this Election Year

I don’t think I am alone when I say I couldn’t be counting down the days to November 8th any faster. This election has been a giant source of stress and ugly Facebook feeds full of articles with sketchy sources and hearty opinions.

But one bright, shining light that I look forward to every four years is Saturday Night Live. Yes, the 90-minute sketch comedy show that has been on for 42 years hasn’t tired yet, and always seem to be in peak form during the election year. In 2008, the show had comedic geniuses Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to get us through the election season, and in 2012 Kristen Wiig fulfilled that position.

This year, 2016, is all about Queen Kate McKinnon. Her spot-on impersonation of Hillary Clinton has made me want to vote for Hillary just so I get four more years of Kate (just kidding! Research policy positions and make an informed decision! Kate McKinnon is just a bonus).

Here are some of my favorite Kate/Hillary election SNL moments this past year:

1. When they put the music from Jaws behind Donald Trump

2. When they poke fun of Hillary's attempts at the "hip" lingo

3. After Trump answers any question, Hillary always responds

4. Any time Hillary answers a question, her reaction is always

5.  When Kate says what Hillary really wishes she could say during the debates

6.  But really, this is how the debates should begin

7. And yes, even Hillary Clinton herself knows what's up

The influence of SNL during an election season is undeniable. For example, there is a large portion of Americans who actually think that Sarah Palin said the words “I can see Russia from my house.” Palin never said this, only Tina Fey, yet it is one of the most famous quotes associated with Palin.

It’s important to remember that while SNL can be tons of fun, make sure you still keep in touch with several reliable news sources, register to vote, and make an informed decision on November 8th!

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