How to Do Spring Quarter Like an Aggie

UC Davis may be seen as just "a f*cking university that’s famous for its f*cking agricultural school" (yup, will be quoting Lady Bird forever), but anyone who says that hasn't seen Davis in the spring. We Aggies wait all year to show everyone how it's done.

But if you need some pointers on how to take on the year's best quarter in the best ag-ocentric town, I got you.

1. Make the Davis Farmers Market your new grocery store

Image source: Tandem Properties

Every Saturday, the Farmers Market takes over Central Park in downtown Davis. But in the fall and spring, the market comes to campus every Wednesday! Juicy fruit, bright blooms, fresh bakes… the best Yolo County has to offer brought right to the MU. So, get out your watermelon hats and eat like an Aggie.

2. Get your friends together for some intramural sports and outdoor adventures

Campus Recreation and Unions offers a large range of activities for students to get involved in. And those activities are made even better by sunny Davis days. For intramural teams, you can play flag football, grass volleyball, soccer, softball, tennis, tube polo (UCD-created sport *shoulder swipe*), and Ultimate Frisbee. Put in some hard work, though, and your team may just make the elusive wall. You can also take backpacking, hiking, and rafting trips throughout gorgeous northern California with a group of friends, or go solo and make some new hiking buddies!

3. Enjoy the utopia that is the Davis Arboretum

Image source: HI Travel Tales

After being closed for maintenance last year, the Arb is back and better than ever! The most beautiful local flora and fauna… not to mention the duck families and friendly squirrels that keep you company! Take a stroll through the Arboretum on a sunny Saturday or bask in the glorious golden hour rays after class — the Arb is there for you as a study spot or peaceful sanctuary.

4. Get up and go in the Stride for Aggie Pride 5K

Image source: UC Davis Stride for Aggie Pride 5K

A 5K seems pretty self-explanatory, but what makes this one different is the amazing community and scenic views that make Davis the best college town an Aggie could ask for. Anyone can run/walk their way through the 5K and all the proceeds go towards promoting student health and wellness. The ARC may be great, but the Aggie Pride 5K is the kind of fitness Davis is really all about.

5. Whole Earth Festival

Every May, the UC Davis Quad becomes a haven for all sustainability and holistic life lovers. Whole Earth is an event with food stands, local craft booths, and hip-ass music. So, this May 11-13, bring some cash to campus, find a spot in the grass with your buds, and enjoy what this California earth has to offer.


Okay, let's be real. Picnic Day is the event of the year for Aggies. The official word is that it's a campus-wide event full of Aggie accomplishments, cow milking, Dachshund "doxie" racing, and more food than one person can stomach.

But for the young and foolish, Picnic Day really happens off campus. Let's just say the good times start pouring around 6 a.m. for some people and they don't stop until the sun goes down. Even if you aren't a hardcore party person, Picnic Day really is the most fun day to be an Aggie (and watch some fellow Aggies let extra loose). This April 21, hit up every activity you can and see this fantastic campus in a new light!

Being an Aggie rules, but it rules a little more in the spring — the ending isn't even bittersweet because saying goodbye to spring means HELLO SUMMER!

Cover image source: Pexels