How to Deal With Stress at Work

Whether you make drinks at Starbucks, or type away at a computer in an office, working is never going to be all smiles. There will always be difficult people and stressful situations that are, unfortunately, unavoidable. Sometimes you’ll forget that extra caramel on that caramel macchiato and it just so happens that customer was having a bad day, so they snapped at you for it. Or other times you might get an email from an irritated coworker for sending in projects late. And you just want to scream because you didn’t realize there was even a definite due date in the first place.

It’s a tough world out there and people can be ruthless. Here are some things to remember and ways to cope when work is giving you a nasty headache!

It’s not about you, personally.

While the irritation may be taken out on you, just remember that it’s about the work, and not about who you are as a person. If you can understand this bit of advice, getting through your work day will be so much easier. Everyone messes up. We’re human beings for God’s sake. That being said, as a human being, your job or career does not define who you are.

You’re not the only one stressed out.

No one has it perfect. That should be obvious. But we understandably forget this when having to deal with people who are irritated or upset. Why are they being so rude? Don’t they understand that I have feelings too? Don’t they know what I go through every single day? Well, they are probably thinking the same thing too. So, don’t sweat it! We’re all in the stress together.

So just to help your over-worked soul out a little bit…

Take a break!

After your shift is over or you got all your work done for the day, completely turn off your work mind for a little bit. Watch a funny Netflix show, read your favorite book, or even go on a walk somewhere pretty. Just do anything that puts you in a better place so you’re not just sitting around and dwelling on the negatives. Your head will be much more clear and you’ll be ready to take on the rest of your day.

Talk to someone you trust.

We all know that it feels so good to just vent and talk out all that frustration to someone who will listen. As much as you want to grab the first person you see and word vomit all over them, make sure you’re careful. Talk to someone who isn’t involved so you can have the best unbiased advice and avoid potential repercussions. But for smaller issues, it’s okay to talk to a coworker who understands what you’re going through so you can both laugh it off later.

Know your limits.

If things are getting really bad, you might want to consider talking to someone higher up who can help fix the problem or try finding a new job altogether. A little stress here and there in a job is normal, but if it’s high stress all the time to the point of affecting your mental health, a change of scenery is beyond needed. And that’s okay. Just know that you are an amazing human being and you are doing your best. There’s nothing wrong with being angry or upset towards something. Trust your feelings and instincts in any given situation, because they will always work in your favor.