Houseplants You Can Probably Keep Alive

As much as I love covering every surface of every windowsill with houseplants, I also kind of suck at remembering how to take care of each different type of plant. 

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So, just in case, you have the same problem with plant care as me, I've compiled a list of some plants that I think are fascinating, and easy to take care of:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe, a type of succulent, is a great houseplant that produces gel that can be harvested to soothe your skin. It needs indirect sunlight, so put it in an eastern facing window or across the room from a very bright area. It also needs good drainage, so wait to water it until the soil is completely dry. Succulents and cacti are very low maintenance and, generally, all around cool plants.

Image source: Aneta Pawlik on unsplash

2. Air Plants

Air plants are very interesting because they don’t need soil. You can wrap them with wire and hang them near your windows and around your house. There are many varieties of air plants, but the majority of them just need to be soaked in water for about 10 minutes every week. If your plant is in a more humid environment (like a bathroom) then they probably only need to be misted with a water bottle every week. 

Image source: Hadlie Ward

3. African Violets 

African violets, although really popular with grandmas (at least in my experience), are actaully super cute. They are flowering plants that are known for being durable. These can be kept on windowsills and flourish when they are watered from the bottom, to avoid rot. Basically, this means that their container should be in another container, which you fill with an inch of water so that the roots can absorb water from below. 

Image source: pixabay

4. Lucky Bamboo

Believe it or not, lucky bamboo is not really bamboo. It’s technically in the asparagus family! Lucky bamboo is pretty easy to take care of because it can grow in straight up water. Just put it in a vase with a couple inches of distilled water (to cover the roots) and you’re set. Also, this plant does not do well in direct sunlight, so don’t put it right on your windowsill.

Image source: annca on pixabay

5. Herbs!

Most herbs can be easily grown indoors via seeds. However, they need a lot of sunlight, so put them in your most sun-filled, brightest window. Also, make sure you water the plants so the soil is always moist but not completely soaked. Most herbs will eventually outgrow their indoor pots and then will need to be completely used or transferred outside. Despite this, having an herb garden is both fun and can enrich your cooking. Some of my favorites include basil, mint, thyme, and rosemary.

Image source: Monika Grabkowska

If you find yourself struggling with plant care, don’t be afraid to do some research. Often just a slight tweak in watering, drainage, or sunlight exposure will help get your plant back to its healthy state!