Five Youtube Channels That Taught Me How to Cook

In my opinion, cooking is one of the most underrated hobbies. A lot of people don’t like to cook because they think it’s rocket science, but it really isn’t. I think many people don’t cook because they’re impatient ─ but it’s food! You eat it all the time, and trust me, eating out for every meal just doesn’t do your wallet any good. 

I learned how to cook from various websites such as Pinterest and Instagram, but the most important website I use to this day is Youtube. Here are the five Youtube channels that helped me realize cooking really isn’t that bad. 

1. Bon Appetit

I feel like a lot of you will judge me when I put Bon Appetit, because let’s face it, it has some pretty skilled chefs. Although the cooks may be way more advanced than most of us, I like Bon Appetit because it stresses the simplicity of recipes and explains each step of the cooking process, each ingredient, and why each ingredient and step is important to cooking. Not only are they very descriptive, but the staff is seriously amazing and so knowledgeable. They create not only recipe videos but also notable shows featuring Claire Saffitz, a skilled pastry chef, who recreates iconic snacks like Oreos, Ferrero Rocher, and Peeps. Another show called It’s Alive! is hosted by my bae Brad Leone, and he literally just ferments a bunch of things. Please at least watch for Brad Leone because the editing is so fricking hilarious. 

2. Hot for Food

Don’t let Lauren being a vegan Youtuber keep you from watching her. She makes so many creative recipes that even a meat eater can recreate with their favorite protein. I think everyone can benefit from her, especially her Recipe?! videos, since they have her figure out what she’s gonna cook right on the spot, not even knowing what is in her pantry or fridge. It’s a great way to learn how to take what you have and turn it into something delicious. 

3. Tasty

This is an obvious one, but unfortunately, there are too many people who watch Tasty but don’t learn anything tasty. What I love is the way the show categorizes its recipes and show three or four in each one to two-minute video! They’re great videos to get you started and the fast pace of the video is the best for impatient cooks.

4. Maangchi

If you love Korean food, Maangchi is the channel for you. First of all, the host’s personality is AMAZING. She’s everyone’s favorite Korean Auntie. I get most of my favorite recipes from her because they are really quick, easy, and delicious. We stan a lovely Auntie who just wants to teach people how to cook and enjoy food. 

5. Almazan Kitchen

When you pair crazy good food, calming cinematography, and the beautiful outdoors you get Almazan Kitchen. I watch these videos not only to boost my knowledge on cooking outside in the wilderness, but also just for the calming sizzle of steak on a pan with the babbling brook in the background. The videos are slow, but you’ll soon find yourself appreciating the artistry and the lessons within this channel.