Ever Feel like You Are Not Doing Enough?

Well, don’t because you are doing enough. Although you are missing one thing.

Often times you may look at your agenda, you may look at others, and question if what you are doing is really enough for you to be excelling to where you want to be. I know I constantly feel that way, but it is time to grow out of that feeling.

I feel that part of this sensation is due to our experience in high school. When applying for colleges, we had to be involved in almost everything or anything that could give us an advantage when applying. Our schedules were insane, and we were surprisingly okay with it when really, we should not have been. Yet, at the end of the day, whether those hectic schedules or activities helped us or not, we made it here to college.

And now, we may start to feel that we are not doing enough again; we have the need to once again compete when really we do not have to. College is difficult, and everyone manages it differently.

Plus, you are missing one thing in your hectic schedule, and that is…


I currently devote time to my 2 jobs on campus, my amazing Her Campus at UCD club, a small position as a research assistant, and let us not forget the 17 units I am also taking. But I feel incomplete.

I am constantly stressing: Do I need an extra internship? Job? Club? What will set me apart from others on my resume eventually when I graduate? Is this enough?

Guess what? IT IS.

I have recently tried to come to terms with that. And now I need to work on myself.

I realize that last quarter, I did not hang out with friends as much as I could’ve, I did not make time to exercise for my own well-being, and I just did not take that much “me time.” But I somehow always made time to add yet another task to my agenda. And I am going to change this. You should too!

So, although this quarter already started and you may feel that what you are doing is not enough, do not freak out. There is still time to add one more thing on your agenda, planner, or calendar, and that is you!

Remember if you are ever stressing about not having enough on your plate, perhaps add a face mask into the mix, or a walk in the arboretum. Do it for you because you are doing enough.