Dear Davis

Dear Davis,

My time with you is drawing to a close, and I want to let you know how much I cherish you. Through my ups and downs these past few years, you’ve been my safe haven. My childhood was rough, and I felt suffocated. While you served as my escape from home for a brief moment, you also embraced me with happiness through rain and sunshine.

I love you most in the fall. Your orange leaves, crisp breeze, and air laced with the smell of coffee are some things I always looked forward to. Even though your winter chill is more than I could bear, there’s always a nook I can snuggle up in to make up for it. I’d never seen so many poppies before I met you. They never appealed to me, but now they’re my favorite. I like how they shrivel in the morning and stretch out as the day grows warmer.

Image Source: UC Davis Photo Shelter

Freshman year was rocky. I struggled with my roommate and failed the majority of my classes both in winter and spring. I hated my life at the time, yet somehow, still loved you. There were days that I felt alone and frustrated, but I had places like the Arboretum or Mishka’s to put my mind at ease. Everything felt new to me. Even though my college experience was imperfect, my first taste of individuality was invaluable.

There are so many things I was able to do with you that I couldn’t do back in Los Angeles. I taught myself how to ride a bike at the late age of 20, learned how to cook for myself, and managed my own finances. I became an adult before I realized it, and now I’m sad to let go. I’m not one to grow attached to a single place. I’ve told myself that I’m okay with moving anywhere — another city or state. But it’s different with you. Forget this letter, I’m here to stay.