Cool Girl Club

With feminism being such a hot topic in the last few years, the concept brings up a lot of the struggles women face on a day-to-day basis. Many issues, ranging from sexual harassment in the workplace to the rape culture on college campuses, from Trump’s putrid words to discrepancies in school dress codes, all add to the difficulties girls face everyday.

The problem is far deeper than those relating to the female body image and lifestyle choices. These problems have existed since the beginning of time. In my eyes, the root of the problem is the lack of support for women from other women. And while this may be the reason we haven't been able to move past this medieval viewpoint of women, I think it can also be turned into the solution.

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If the men who are politicians, CEOs, or our very own classmates won’t go through with a paradigm shift and start accepting women for the amazing individuals they are, then we need to for ourselves. Stop to think about how big of a difference the promotion of personal development and confidence boosters make in a girl’s life. It would be like being a part of what I like to call the “cool girl club."

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I’m not talking about a real, physical group of empowering women like Taylor Swift’s squad and their picture perfect moments (although let’s face it, they’re cute). I’m talking about a movement where girls come together to support each other in a world that isn’t yet educated enough to realize womxn are worth the same as men. Simply stated, imagine a world where girls support girls.

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It would be so much easier to be a part of something, working towards a common goal, instead of working against the sexist social norms that are integrated into our society. To be immersed in a positive culture would help me and so many other girls thrive in school as well as in the professional workplace. Creating this "cool girl club" would mean being part of a culture that promotes the idea of making your voice heard, even when it seems like no one wants to listen, making a culture that says "YES!" to the dreams you want to accomplish, despite the sexism in the workplace. It's a culture where women work with each other, instead of being too competitive and defeating the purpose of building each other up.

It might be hard to think of doing such a thing in a time where supporting feminism can be seen as sporting the scarlet letter. But nothing good comes easy and we have to start somewhere. So why not start by admiring our fellow girl friends who have succeeded in whatever it is they do. Whether you call it the “cool girl club,” a branch of feminism, or just being kind humans; tell your friends and promote the idea of helping one another!

Image courtesy of Giphy.