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Chloe Ting Changed My Body For Good

I have actual abs now. Like when I flex, I can see lines! I first encountered Chloe Ting’s workouts through a girl’s review of one of her challenges. She showed before and after pictures from an ab workout, and I couldn’t believe the results. She kind of looked like me, not fat, but not fit. In a matter of weeks she had slim legs and a toned tummy. I remember thinking “I can do that,” saving the video, and waiting for weeks for motivation to strike to begin my fitness journey. This was months ago.

I started flirting with the idea of seriously working out in September with the start of a new school year. I also wanted to start a new, healthier lifestyle. I absolutely refused to go to the ARC for fear of embarrassing myself by running into someone I know when I’m drenched in sweat and sporting tomato-red cheeks. I bought a yoga mat and looked into workouts I could do from home on YouTube. After a couple of tense workouts with Alexis Ren, I decided that I wasn’t a fit person, and that I was healthy enough as I was. This is true, I am extremely fortunate to be healthy. However, I was not primarily working out for my health, but because I wanted to feel and look good. I wanted to feel strong, I wanted to feel good in a bikini, and I wanted to be proud of the work that I was putting into the body I wanted to give myself.

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Fast forward to a month ago, when quarantine first came into effect. I was bored, scrolling through my liked videos on YouTube only to discover the Chloe Ting results video that I had saved for myself. After about a week of being stuck inside studying for finals, I thought it might feel nice to move around. I felt immediate results the following day (my abs were burning), but more than the soreness I felt encouraged to keep going. I did the same ab workout for two weeks straight, and as it got easier and I got stronger I noticed my self confidence begin to increase. I wasn’t feeling the all-day restlessness that I was experiencing before, and I was beginning to feel centered and refreshed. 

Chloe Ting’s channel is a sanctuary for people seeking a kind and cheerful mentor to guide them through a fitness journey. Chloe uploads videos about her diet, which encourage treating yourself and listening to your body. Her workout videos are peppy and most of them are pretty brief, about 10-15 minutes. Chloe also compiles before and after pictures that her followers send her, which act as an amazing motivator to keep grinding.

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I’m currently in the midst of one of Chloe Ting’s 35-day workout regimens, and I’m already noticing changes not only in how my body looks but how it feels. I feel like a stronger, more capable version of myself and it feels good to treat my body to some exercise in a time where I cannot be as physically active. I highly suggest visiting her website for simple at-home workouts that will make you feel and look amazing.

Madison Lefler is a third year at UC Davis double majoring in Psychology and Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning, with a minor in Technology Management. She is also a Sustainability Peer Educator for UC Davis Student Housing and Dining and enjoys makeup tutorials on YouTube, making boards on Pinterest for everything, and drinking overpriced lattes with her girlfriends.
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