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Best Spotify Playlists to Get You Through Midterms

Need new music to listen to while studying? Haven’t found the perfect studying playlists to listen to while cramming for your midterm tomorrow?  We’ve got you covered! It’s hard to find the best playlist on Spotify when there are so many options. I could spend hours listening to the first song in every playlist and move on to the next one. Here are a few playlists I like to listen while I study for midterms.


Fresh & Chill

This playlist is perfect for doing homework and skimming through notes. I personally find the beats and tempo too fast to do intense studying, but I know that listening to some Adele keeps me motivated.



This playlist helps me get into the studying zone. Electronic music helps me get going at the gym and in the morning. This playlist features electronic music at a slower tempo and gives out calm and ambient vibes.


Pure Mellow Jazz

If you prefer music without words, go for instrumental music. A lot of people enjoy listening to classical music. While that is a good option, classical music personally puts me to sleep. I listen to jazz music instead.


Soft Pop Hits

Some people like to listen to covers of their favorite pop songs while studying because the song is familiar, but also slightly different. This playlist has pop songs (old and new) at a much slower pace than Fresh & Chill and features a lot of acoustic versions and covers of your favorite song.


Your Favorite Coffee House

I often study at coffee houses and have gotten used to listening to coffee shop music while reviewing my notes. I like how it is not as upbeat as pop music. I also don’t know any of the songs most of the time and won’t have the urge to sing along.


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