Best Dog Breeds to Keep in an Apartment

One of the worst things about going away to college, is that you have to accept that for the next couple of years you will not have a furry companion to keep you company when you get home from class. However, if you decide that you just have to have a dog while you’re away at school, here are some of the best dog breeds for apartment style living, that won’t get you kicked out of your apartment complex.

French Bulldog

Needless to say, Frenchie’s are adorable and I don’t think that anyone needs convincing about that. They don’t require very much outdoor exercise and they’re very adaptable! They also have very sensitive hearing and make great watchdogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These adorable little dogs are perfect for an apartment dweller. They mimic the lifestyle of their owner, so you really dictate what kind of dog this little guy or gal is going to be! If you’re a stay at home student your dog will happily become a couch potato while you study all night.


Who could say no to that face? More importantly who could say no to a dog who is adaptable to living in a single owner apartment situation, or a large multiple dog arrangement? These little balls of wrinkles are good in just about any living situation as long as they’re well cared for.

These are just some of the many dog breeds that do well in an apartment setting! Find more here.