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The Bachelor’s ‘Listen to Your Heart’ is Actually Not That Bad

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Like many Bachelor franchise fans around the nation I was sure that I would not enjoy watching the spin off series, Listen to Your Heart. Well, it turns out I could not have been further from the truth – it is actually a really good show. 

Coming off of the last Bachelor season with Pilot Pete and the disastrous and disappointing season that it was, frankly, I was over it. Then, the world was rocked by COVID-19 and all of a sudden I was desperate to find something new to watch on TV, which led me to watching the show every week with both my mom… and dad sitting next to me on the couch. Maybe it’s quarantine brain or something of the like that got us into watching this ridiculous show but hey it is better than watching the news. 

Listen to Your Heart can best be described as a singing competition show that meets the Bachelor. Talented musicians, who also happen to be looking for love, live in a mansion together while they try to form connections with one another on both a musical and romantic level. 

woman at a concert putting hands in a heart shape
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The show is structured much like any Bachelor franchise show: couples begin to pair up and form connections, date cards are handed out, and oh yeah there is still all the drama. What makes this show unique is that each week the paired off couples have to perform together in front of a large audience and a panel of judges from both the music industry and past Bachelor seasons. 

The couples are judged on their connection and chemistry as well as the quality of their performance on stage. Judges have included musical stars like Ke$ha and favorite Bachelor couples from seasons past like Jojo and Jordan. The couple who displays the least amount of chemistry and gives the worst performance are sent home. 

I would be lying if I said that the show did not have its fair share of awkward moments.  Sometimes it is really uncomfortable to watch two individuals who are just getting to know each other share a microphone and sing slightly off key. All the awkwardness aside, I would still advocate for a second season of this show to be produced. 

Listen to Your Heart and other reality shows act as an escape for many viewers. Right now more than ever these shows are playing a prominent role in the lives of many as we look to block out the craziness that is happening all around us. So, maybe I would not have enjoyed this show as much if we were not in the middle of a global pandemic and I was not desperate to watch tv. But either way I am glad that this show has allowed me to escape from the real world a little bit and despite what I originally thought, it is actually enjoyable to watch. 

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Ashley is a senior at the University of California, Davis. She is studying Communication and getting her minor in English with the hopes of one day having a successful career in one of the two fields. Ashley enjoys spending time with her family and exercising in her free time.
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