Adult Coloring Books: A Calming Craze

As children, many of us could doodle for hours with a tin of colored pencils and a coloring book, not thinking of anything else. Now as college students, we tend to turn on Netflix or scroll through endless social media posts on our smartphones whenever we get a free hour or so. In free moments when we should be turning our brains off, we automatically switch on our electronics. Electronics do not necessarily help in unwinding or relaxing. Why not try an unplugged activity that stimulates creativity? Why not color?

Haven’t you heard? Coloring is no longer just for kids!

Coloring books for adults have soared in popularity in the United States and around the world. Many have shared their experiences and enjoyment of books with gorgeously intricate designs. British illustrator Johanna Basford’s books have become international best sellers on Amazon. If you are interested in new ways to relieve stress, you can find links to purchase two different works below:

Not only does coloring allow you to access your creativity, it has also been shown to reduce the effects of anxiety and combat stress. Your breathing rate and heart rate will settle as you lose yourself in the process. The last time that you sat and colored in a picture, you probably didn’t have term papers or midterms to worry about. Revisit the child in you. From simple patterns to detailed imaginary gardens and cities, there are so many books and illustrations to choose from. Slow down from the buzzing and sometimes hectic everyday life of a UC Davis, quarter system student. Happy coloring!