8 Truths About Freshman Year

As an incoming first-year or transfer student, you probably have a myriad of ideas and assumptions floating around in your head about what college is going to be like. I had those same thoughts when I was but a mere, innocent little freshman. To clear up any confusions or wonders about your first year at Davis, here are eight truths about college:

1) You may not stay friends with the people you knew from your high school that now go to Davis.

Things change. People change, which means that the person who you were in high school may not be the person who you are in college. If you drift away from peers that you knew in high school, don't feel bad; they'll find their own path. And if you stay friends, that's great, too. 

2) The DC (dining commons) will make you gain a few pounds. 

The food at the DC may not be the best, but it's all you can eat and it's just good enough to make you want more. (Pro tip: if you don't want to more gain weight, stay away from late night.) 

3) You'll start to question (and possibly change) your major at least 5,000 times a week. 

As already mentioned in #1, people change a lot. There are far too many majors at Davis to not second-guess the one you start to pursue, especially because you're only 18 years old. How is anyone supposed to pick their career path at so young an age?  

4) Your gym-going will decrease proportionately to how much homework you have.  

I may be wrong about this, but this is what happened (and still happens) to me. As the homework load gets to be more and more unbearable, you'll have to start prioritizing sleep and being in shape (personally, the former is at the top of my list). If you find yourself gaining a few extra pounds, just bike instead of bussing.  

5) Winter quarter is the worst. It's basically scientifically proven. 

I have no idea why this is true, but it just is. Maybe it's the dreary weather, maybe it's just that you want to sit in bed watching rom-coms and drinking hot chocolate. Who knows exactly why, but at any rate, it just happens.  

6) Go to office hours. 

I heard this piece of advice about a thousand times from upperclassmen when I first got to college. And everyone was completely correct. Going to office hours is extremely helpful, and if you're in a smaller major, the professors will notice that you actually care about the class.  

7) You probably won't stay friends with half the people you meet in the dorms. 

Although the first few weeks may seem like one giant party with your hall-mates, it's normal and okay to branch off and meet new people - you may even find your best friends in a completely different dorm, or in class. Life's funny that way. 

8) Welcome Week will make college seem like one big party (but it isn't). 

Take my word, although Welcome Week is jam-packed full of parties and other fun things, this is not the reality of college. Unless you don't care about your GPA, or can handle it all, party away. Usually it's the former, though, if this is your life. 

There it is, eight truths about your first year here at Davis. Enjoy the ride!

Thumbnail courtesy of Kirsten Burrell