6 Easy Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Cozy

If you’ve just moved into your dorm room, you may be feeling a little out of place. Don't worry though ─ customizing your space is easier than you think! Here are six ways to make your dorm room feel cozy and more like home.

1. Put up photos!

Hanging pictures of your pets, friends, family, and favorite places in your dorm room is an instant way to make your space feel more like home. Plus, you can even customize how you put them up ─ whether you clip them to string lights or place them in a special pattern on the wall.

2. Stock up on some extra blankets and pillows!

Your bed will be one of the focal points in your dorm room ─ and probably one of the spots you use the most, let’s be real ─ so adding a few soft and warm blankets and a throw pillow or two will make you even more excited to jump into bed at the end of a busy day!

3. Add extra lighting with string lights!

String lights come in so many variations ─ from classic Christmas lights in fun colors to ones you can control with a remote to lights made of cool shapes (cacti, tacos, flamingos, the list goes on)! This makes them an easy way to add your own personal touch to your room while also introducing some extra lighting.

4. Consider raising some plants!

Adding some plants to your space will not only help purify and freshen the air, but it will offer some calming color and character to your dorm room. Whether you want succulents, orchids, or even a few larger house plants, you can customize the pots they live in, maybe even by painting your own!  

5. Get a small rug!

A soft and warm rug right next to your bed will make your morning significantly better when you have to get up for those early classes. Plus, rugs come in so many different sizes, colors, patterns, and fabrics that there’s no shortage to choose from ─ or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even DIY one!

6. Mirrors, tapestries, extra wall decor galore!

If your walls are still feeling sparse, wall decorations like posters and tapestries are an easy way to show off your favorite tv shows, movies, bands, and more. Or if your dorm room is feeling a little cramped, mirrors are super effective at spreading light and making a space feel bigger. For damage-free hanging, try out command strips ─ a dorm decorating essential!