50 Online Quizzes Later...

Over spring break, I found myself in a never-ending cycle of sleeping in, eating a totally unhealthy breakfast, going back into bed and binge watching The OA on Netflix. It was a good time, but even that continuous cycle was starting to bore me. Sure, it's relaxing and I loved taking advantage of being able to relax during my spring break, but I was lacking excitement and enjoyment. When I was mindlessly scrolling through Snapchat for what felt like the 500th time, I stumbled upon an online quiz entitled, “We Know the Name of Your Next Lover based on the Food you Order from McDonald’s” It was one of those moments where you’re scrolling so fast but then you scroll back up because how in the hell is a quiz about what I order from McDonald’s supposed to somehow come up with the name of your future lover? 

At first, I thought to myself, "Sure, let's take it." Then I found myself taking almost 50 quizzes that night. The next day, I took even more! What is it about online quizzes that fascinates us? Is it their titles that reel us in? The hidden algorithms that make each quiz unique down to the questions, the answers, and the unknown meanings behind them?

For students in particular, the fascination of online quizzes stems from taking such a highly used term in academia and turning it into entertainment. When we hear the word “quiz” we automatically think “pop quizzes” or for myself, the quiz that’s due on Sunday at 11:59 PM every week. So when I see it being used as a way to entertain rather than petrify, I want to click on that quiz! It doesn't make me sweat profusely and fear for my life when I finish that last question to see the page refresh and show my grade automatically. Now, as I finish the last question I’m brought to a page that tells me things about myself that made me feel happy and amazed rather than disappointed and upset. 

For example, here are some of my results! Based on the things I’d buy if I were a millionaire, I’m Rachel Chu from the book and movie Crazy Rich Asians. Based on what paper I’d buy, I’m Goldenface from Threat Level Midnight (shout out to The Office fans) These were two of my favorites, but sometimes, it gave me answers that I didn’t like. Such as the fact that I’m Ross Geller from Friends which honestly, nope. Just no. Never. 

It was peculiar quizzes that drew me in and more importantly, something that was not part of a routine. When out of school, I wanted so badly to not read, study, and take tests about some academic making some hypothesis and finding some conclusion. At home, however, I found myself still craving for some type of brain exercise, since I spent most of spring break recycling the same relaxed routine. But through online quizzes, I could discover which Hogwarts House I belonged to or if my choice of pizza toppings would conclude some hidden personality trait that I wasn’t sure of. The ability to take these fun and fast quizzes without bubbling in answers or scrambling through your notes to find the answer is the appeal. Instantaneous answers in the best form possible are what I'm here for. 

Oh, and if you were curious, my next lover’s name starts with a J.