5 Ways to Survive the End of the Quarter

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through fall quarter! The quarter is almost done, and it’s time to end on a good note. I know these last few days will seem impossibly long, but I believe you can do it, and I want to give you some tips to make this difficult time a little easier! And then you can celebrate with a fun, festive, and jubilant winter break.

Drink A LOT of Coffee

It’s time to make an unhealthy amount of trips to Dutch Bros, so utilize those stamp cards and take advantage of their 24-hour-open policy. Their customer service is perfect; the people are welcoming and always ready to help you select the drink you’ll need to make it through the upcoming night. Whether you need a caramelizer, a kicker, or a 911, these drinks will make the night a little easier for you.

Study with Friends

Everyone is studying, so hit up your awesome friends and new classmates to make studying a little more fun and helpful. You can all work together to get those grades you’ve been striving to attain since the beginning of the quarter (or to get those grades you’re now just trying to get to pass those classes). You can all motivate each together to work harder and study harder as you’re all focused and dedicated to your work.

Remember Your Motivation

You’ve made it to the end of this quarter! It’s time to remember why you’ve been going to classes, why you’ve been trying, and why you’ve put yourself through this stressful college life. There’s a reason, but you just need to remember what it is in order to drive you to finish strong. It’s necessary to find that inspiration to take you to the end of the quarter.

Don’t Hesitate to Take a Break

I know it’s important to study for hours and hours, but remember that we all need to rest and take some time to ourselves. Make sure to get food, go to the gym, and watch some Netflix. You need time to recharge your brain and give your mind a rest. I know you want to, so don’t pause -- take the opportunity to rejuvenate for more studying.

Don’t Give Up

There is always doubt that you can’t do it, but BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You have made it through these past 10 (basically 11) weeks, so you can make it through finals. This is a stressful time, but you need to remember that you are a smart, intelligent, and bright college student who is attending UC Davis, which, may I remind you, is a great school! I want you to have faith in yourself, try your best, and keep going because you are fully able to get the grades you want and begin a wonderful winter break, so best of luck!  


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