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5 End-of-the-Quarter Motivation Boosters

It’s almost finals week, and you might be feeling the burn out from quarter system taking a toll on you. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is near! (The light being the splendid summer sun calling your name).

We’ve got a few tips to keep you determined and motivated through these last few weeks of the quarter. Work hard, play hard, Aggies.

1.      Create your ultimate study playlist

Music can be a huge help in improving your stress levels when you’re studying.  You can even create playlists according to what you’re working on and what would be most appropriate for the task at hand. Working on an essay? Blast some Alternative or Hip Hop music to keep you writing. Reading a journal article? Keep some mellow jazz music playing in the background.

2.      Work out

One of the best ways to take a study break is to get up and stretch those limbs! While you may think exercise may wear you out and too tired to study, studies have proven that a few minutes of light exercise will actually keep you energized! Whether it’s taking a 20-minute jog on a treadmill or 10 minutes of yoga in your bedroom, a little movement will keep you from feeling restless and agitated.

3.      Start a study group (and meet up at a cool location)

Chances are everyone is feeling the end-of-the-quarter blues. Why not start a study group to keep everyone on their toes? Set aside a regular meeting time and place to study for an upcoming final exam with your classmates, with a very strict break time! It’s easy to goof off and procrastinate when you have a group meeting together, but setting aside time for leisure (such as a dinner or Netflix break) will help your group members focus when it is time to study.

4.       Utilize a reward system.

Speaking of study breaks— treat yo’ self! Write down an end goal while you’re studying: such as getting to a certain page on the paper you’re working on or finishing a reading. If you accomplish the task on time, treat yourself to some boba tea or a quick dinner date with a friend. Breaks are key to a conducive study session, and keeping a reward in mind can prompt you to finish your work ASAP.

5.      Create a Pinterest board with inspirational quotes (and study hacks)

If you’re lacking energy and can’t seem to achieve a positive mindset for the rest of the quarter, start an inspiration board! Pinterest is filled with quotes that are sure to destroy your studying blues as well as innovative study tips and hacks to help you out with studying. Creating a board is also a great way to take a study break (just don’t get caught up creating a board for summer outfits, you’re not there yet)!

Need some inspiration? Check out our own motivational Pinterest board.

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Varsha is currently a senior at UC Davis double majoring in Communication and Sociology. A Bay Area native, she relishes any opportunity to visit the beach and explore cities big and small. As an avid reader and writer, she hopes to utilize her passion for storytelling through a future career in PR. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and always enjoys a good cup of coffee. You can find her writing poems on the quad, reporting stories for AggieTV and daydreaming in the Arboretum, figuring out life as a 22 year old. 
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