5 Alternatives to Partying on Halloween

As college students, it's safe to say that we're too old for trick-or-treating. Or I guess we just "feel" too old for trick-or-treating, so parties quickly become a replacement for the outgrown Halloween tradition. However, there are those (myself included) who want to avoid being trapped in a sea of sweaty bodies and forced to yell over bad music. Fortunately, there are other ways to celebrate the holiday for us "non-party" people.

Haunted Houses and Hayrides and Mazes, Oh My!

Throughout the month of October, there are a plethora of activities around the Dixon, Woodland, and Sacramento areas that will frighten you to death (pun intended). They're not a long drive, and are definitely an unforgettable way to spend Halloween. Being trapped in a corn maze together is bound to create memories for a lifetime.

Scary Movies

Watching a scary movie alone in the dark takes a lot of courage, but watching it with a group of friends is pure fun. Binging on classic 80's and 90's horror films is the way to go: Friday the 13th, Scream, The Sixth Sense, and Chucky. If you're trying to avoid nightmares, Hocus Pocus or Beetlejuice are better options for you.


If getting scared isn't on your to-do-list this Halloween, you can turn it into an episode of Cupcake Wars with your housemates. Grab a bunch of Tastemade recipes off Facebook and have a bake-off! They're easy to make and, most importantly, satisfying for your sweet tooth cravings.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Sometimes it's fun to dress up for the sake of dressing up, and sometimes you can get free food for doing it. There are chains like Chipotle and Krispy Kreme that have deals when you come in wearing a costume. Three dollar "Boorito"? Please and thank you!

Stock Up on Sweets (until Next Halloween)

Candy sales everywhere! Go get 'em.

Cover Photo Source: Pexels