20 Ways You Know You're an English Major at UCD

1.        80% of your emails are from Lynda Jones.

2.        You're usually stuck in Shields writing multiple essays that are all due on the same day.

3.        You're reading four 300-page novels at once.

4.        You can't remember the last time you used a scantron. Essays for days. 

5.        Everyone asks you if you want to become a teacher.

6.        You cringe at grammatical errors in texts and social media posts, especially if they're on the Facebook page.

7.        Your friends ask you to proofread their work.

8.        Your ideal significant other is a book worm.

9.        You freak out after your professor tells you to use APA or Chicago style.

10.        You hang out at DeVere's on Thursday or Friday nights.

11.        You can no longer solve simple math problems in your head.

12.        You tone your arm muscles by carrying around the Norton Anthology.

13.        You have a basic understanding of middle English.

14.        You laugh at pickup lines like "Wanna go find us A Room of One's Own?" and "Why would you Mary Shelley when you could marry me?"

15.        You sleep in your "Lit Happens" or "Poetry in Davis" T-shirt.

16.        You're still sad about not getting into 100F, 100P, or 100NF.

17.        You practically live in Olson.

18.         You have to say something when someone only comments on the literal meaning of a poem.

19.         You have individual names for the rubber ducks in Voorhies.

20.        You passionately participate in the "books VS technology" debate.