20 Things That Will Give 90’s Kids the Feels

If you were born in the 90’s, you remember the good times of sliding that VHS tape into the VHS player, or watching The Lion King in theatres. Life was good back then when all you had to worry about was which color of gel pen you’d use on your Lisa Frank stationary, or when you’d be chatting with your friends on AIM. Here’s a list of some things that’ll help feed that 90’s nostalgia:

1. You were obsessed with Happy Bunny.

2. You had so many Tamagotchi’s, you didn’t know what to do with all of them.

3. Beanie Babies were the first (and cutest!) thing you collected.

4. Two words: Gameboy Advanced

5. …And one word: Pokemon

6. Receiving a chain mail was the scariest thing to occur in your day.

7. You were always free to chat on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

8. You had actual real-life games to play.

9. Polly Pockets and GI Joes ruled.

10. Hit Clips were so entertaining, yet so torturous, and all you had for portable music.

11. The normalcy of the bad-quality VHS tapes (#nostalgia).

12. Am I the only one who played this game?

13. EVERYONE played this game.

14. The Land Before Time played on repeat at your house.

15. These pencils, though.

16. You were only cool if you had Heelys.

17. Nickolodean game shows were all you watched…

18. ..Except for Spongebob and Powerpuff Girls.

19. When Lisa Frank merchandise was all the stationary you needed.

20. Listening to your first CD on your Discman.