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15 Taylor Swift Expressions UC Davis Students Can Relate to During Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.
Taylor Swift doesn’t have to take final exams, being a huge star and all. Yet, these 15 facial expressions are all too familiar: 
1. “Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet?”  
2. When your last final is on Saturday during the last time slot.
3. It’s week ten, and you just cracked open the textbook.
4. Losing all of your sanity… 
5. Heading into the ring (a.k.a Olson, Wellman, insert other building name here).
6. When you walk into the exam room knowing you’ve got this.
7. Whoa whoa whoa. The professor did NOT cover that in class.
8. When you guess correctly. 
9. When you look up, and the professor writes “4 minutes left!” on the board.
10. Finishing your exam early.


11. Placing your scantron on the table, and walking away like: 
12. Waiting for your professor to update the gradebook. 
13. All you can do at this point is cross your fingers. Or, beg for extra credit. 
14. When the curve is in your favor. 
15. Getting the grade you want is like Taylor Swift winning an award. Shocking, exciting, joyful, and there’s a little more crying than you’d like to admit. But hey, you deserve it! 
Congratulations on making it through Winter quarter! 
You slayed just like Taylor at the Grammy’s. Now go celebrate!


Bridget is a second year student at UC Davis with a passion for fashion and writing. She is involved in the Student Fashion Association and hopes that her love for fashion shows through her blog and #OOTD posts. :) She is also a diehard San Francisco Giants fan and enjoys watching baseball, basketball, and football in her free time.
Megan Taylor Hartenstein is an English major and Women's Studies minor at the University of California, Davis. Give her something to write with, and she'll create a masterpiece. While she loves journalism and writing short stories, her dream is to become a television or film writer. Megan is a proud feminist, and loves to incorporate feminist principles in everything she writes.