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10 Things to Do Before Graduation

After having the time of my life with my closest friends over spring break, I’ve begun thinking more and more of the simple pleasures I’ll miss about Davis. Though my time here is still a work in progress, here’s a mix of 10 things I’ve either already done or wish to do before my time here is over. Scroll through, and enjoy!

1. Picnic at the Arboretum

Friends, food, and nature are great ways to kick off fall quarter. I’ve always loved cooking and baking, so this is a definite win for me. Gather friends for a potluck or bring snack platters and feast together in the pretty UC Davis Arboretum.

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2. Davis Farmers Market with friends

My entire first year, I was never motivated enough to visit the Davis Farmers Market. I’ve recently realized that it’s another one of Davis’ cute, simple pleasures. Drag a group of friends with you on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning and make sure you take advantage strolling through the market in our lovely Spring weather.

3. A weekend in San Francisco

For those who are already from NorCal, this isn’t necessarily a must, but as someone who lives at the other end of the coast, a weekend getaway to San Francisco is definitely on my to-do list. SF is actually pretty close to Davis and can make for a bonding day or weekend trip with your closest college friends. 

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4. Photo shoot with the Eggheads

The Eggheads are honestly one of UC Davis’ biggest icons. Looking back at pictures of them is sure to trigger memories of Davis days for many years after graduating. 

5. Study abroad

This isn’t doable for everyone, but is definitely a worthwhile experience. Imagine being able to learn and experience an entire quarter of your undergraduate in a different country. You can make so many connections with locals and other college students and immerse yourself in an entirely different culture. Amazing!

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6. Pre-finals breakfast

I’m definitely not a morning person, but when it comes to pre-finals weekend, my roommate and I have developed our own routine. One of us will wakes the other one up, and we set out for a great, hearty breakfast before spending the entire rest of the day in the library. Our go-to’s are either Ali Baba’s or Crepeville.

7. Spring break trip

I just came back from a spring break trip to Mexico, and it was honestly one of my favorite college experiences thus far. After the wrath of winter quarter, being able to go out and enjoy authentic Mexican food with my friends was one of the most rewarding things ever. 11/10 would recommend!

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8. Relaxation time at the quad

One of the simple pleasures of being a UC Davis student is meeting up with friends between classes and chilling with them in the quad during Spring quarter. My friends and I typically grab something from the CoHo beforehand and lay ourselves out in the grass, basically having a small picnic during our breaks.  

9. Lawntopia

This event hosted by ASUCD is free and also a great way to kick off spring quarter. The line-up is announced shortly before the date, and this year we’ve got Louis Futon performing! Why not go?

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10. Concerts at the ARC

At least once each year, there’s a concert at the ARC. There’s for sure bound to be an artist that you like. Last year we had Chance the Rapper perform and this year, students are buzzing with excitement for Khalid. Before graduation, grab your friends and go. It won’t be everyday that you’ll live to a venue close to you and all your college friends!

So make the most of your remaining year, quarter, or weeks in Davis because these memories are priceless!

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Krisi is a second year at UC Davis, born and raised in southern California. Despite aspiring to pursue a career in medicine, she enjoys using both writing and music as her creative outlet. She is a free spirit- an avid lover of traveling and finding new places. Always spoiling her friends through cooking and baking, she takes pleasure in sharing her hobbies and experiences with others.
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