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10 Snapchat Stories You’ll Make During Your Time at Davis

True Aggies know that their school spirit is measured solely by their Snapchat game. Here are the ingredients to be a UCD student, tried and true, through your favorite app:

1. The cows

You’re really not a true Davis student until you do this.

Image source: Giphy

2. A squirrel

You’ll probably end up catching one eating your food or cutely scurrying around in the sun.

Image source: Giphy

3. Yourself in a hammock

Everyone will snap those rare moments when they are lucky enough to get to enjoy relaxing in a hammock!

4. A rainstorm

During these times, you can bet everyone’s snap story will look vaguely the same: some choose to take snaps from the comfort of inside while others show off their unfortunate timing and get caught outside. Added bonus if you got caught in the rain while biking.

Image source: Giphy

5. Farmers market

Once spring comes around, expect to see a lot of Far-Mar stories. These usually range from a selfie in a farmers market hat to a view of the lawn with a bottle of apple juice in the foreground.

6. Library study sesh

Everyone likes to show off their late night grind in Shields.

7. Coho coffee

Captioned: “much needed.”

8. Arboretum

This snap will have something to do with a study break, a view of the ducks, or a video of the “river” as you’re scanning for the beloved otters.

9. Something about a bike

It could be a witnessed crash, your own crash, complaining to your viewers that your bike got stolen again, or just a picture of the campus that will inevitably have bikes in it.

Image source: Giphy

10. Going to a sports game

It’s a rare occurrence, but you get extra spirit if it’s a selfie with Gunrock!

Cover image source: Pexels

Sasha is a 4th year at UC Davis majoring in American Studies and Communication with a minor in Chicano Studies. She also is on the Davis Club Water Polo team and in her spare time enjoys reading, tagging friends in memes, making friends that have dogs, and making Spotify playlists.
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