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10 Pug Gifs That Sum up Your First Week Back at College

The first week of the school year has officially passed, and yes, it was a lot. 

The following is an outline of how your first week back may have gone, as told by pugs — because pugs can always put a smile on your face.

1. When you arrived back in Davis and realized how hot it was outside: 

2. The moment you were reunited with all of your besties:

3. How cool you and your BFF felt getting ready for Welcome Week parties:

4. You at the end of the night…:

5. Noticing all the money you’ve spent at Target and Trader Joes in the past week:

6. Showing up for the first day like the cool kid you are:

7. Your confusion when you have a class in a hall you’ve never heard of:

8. When you're already struggling to stay awake during lecture:

9. Counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break:

10. And already being ready for Winter Break too:

Getting back into the groove of things can take some time, but have faith in yourself. And if you ever feel overwhelmed, just google some pug videos! Welcome back Aggies, and good luck!

Courtney is a senior at the University of California Davis where she is earning her degree in Communication, with minor in English. Courtney is a member of Alpha Delta Pi and is from Santa Barbara, CA. She is an avid reader, Netflix and Hulu watcher, beauty enthusiast, and is a big foodie!
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