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YouTubers in Latin America You Should Subscribe To

YouTube has many influencers who open up their lives and opinions to their followers. From gamers to vloggers to makeup gurus, YouTubers provide us with entertainment and knowledge on a variety of topics. The following influencers in Latin America upload videos about their unique communities and comedically involve their audience in their lives.


1. Nancy Risol

(Photo By Nancy Risol on Instagram)


Nancy Risol is an indigenous Kichwa Saraguro Ecuadorian with 2.1 million subscribers. Risol’s videos are mainly in Spanish, but when she addresses her community she speaks her indigenous language. Mainly, Nancy shows us her “penthouse” and her dog, Firulais, and her bull. Risol also gives humorous life advice on getting a boyfriend and tips on being successful. Her most recent video is her visiting Mexico for Los Eliot Awards where she was nominated for comedy. You can check out the rest of her videos here.


2. Coreano Vlogs

(Photo By Coreano Vlogs on Instagram)


Coreano Vlogs, real name Cristian Kim, is a Korean vlogger living in Mexico. Kim has 3 million subscribers and vlogs about trying different foods and taking trips around Mexico. Kim vlogs about his friends and going on adventures with his girlfriend, Shannon Leeman. Kim also gives his audience an insight into the financial side of YouTube and his earnings on YouTube. You can subscribe to Coreano Vlogs here.


3. Calle y Poncé

(Photo By Calle Y Ponse on Instagram)


Calle y Poncé is a couple on YouTube with nearly 7 million subscribers. Calle, whose real name is Daniela Calle, and Poncé, María José Garzón, are from Colombia and manage two channels on YouTube, a Spanish language one and an English language one. In their Spanish channel, both women do challenges and vlogs on their relationship. On their English channel, they upload videos on makeup hauls and answer questions about their relationship. Calle y Poncé are positive rays to brighten your day!


Nancy Risol, Coreano Vlogs, and Calle y Poncé each have unique aesthetics in their YouTube videos that bring relatability and visibility to their viewers. Although they upload different content to their channels, they all demonstrate happiness and positivity.


Hola! I'm Julissa Guerrero Iniguez. I attend the University of California Riverside as an English major and Latin American Studies minor. During my free time, I like to read and do DIYs.
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