Why I Love My Classes This Quarter

As we finish week three, I found myself really happy for the classes I selected despite us being online. This quarter I am taking Native American studies, Sociology of Women, Racism in Western American, and a class dedicated to Jane Austen. 

All of these classes are extremely relative to our current events taking place. With racial equality movements, such as #BLM, and the possibility of Amy Coney Barnett taking a seat in the Supreme Court, we are living through a shift in history among our current pandemic

To begin with Native American studies, this professor was definitely a hidden gem. He is a member of the Cahuilla tribe, so he gives us his own insights and stories as he is an indigenous person. To me, I would rather ethnic studies be taught by someone of the ethnicity being taught due to this reason of bringing in their own story with their identity. Additionally, our class is more focused on actually learning rather than memorization. This class is definitely 10/10 and once I finish it, I will be done with my last breadth course!

highway with fall-colored trees Photo by Tara Robinson from Pexels Moving on to my Sociology courses, I definitely prefer the Sociology of Women because of the layout and professor. I had this professor previously and the course is more independent than my other course. However, my professor in my Western Racism class is definitely the most passionate professor I have ever had to date. The passion is unmatched and I really do enjoy her own analogies despite it sometimes feeling unstructured.

Three women laughing at the camera Photo by Radomir Jordanovic from Pexels Lastly, I have my Austen class with an English professor I took a lower division course with. This professor definitely has gone above and beyond for us through creating a YouTube channel for lectures and changing grading rubrics to accommodate students in these trying times. I also never read Austen before, so this class is definitely something new for me. It is also my last English course for my minor, so it’s an end to a long process! 

variety of book stacks Photo by Ed Robertson from Unsplash Overall, I’m ready excited to go to their office hours more since these professors are so knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. I do miss having that face to face interaction, as it can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking when you talk to a professor in your own home. On the flip side of things though, having some familiar faces really help me to get over the nervousness that comes with Zoom office hours.