Two Quotes That Changed My Perspective

As, it’s often that we see quotes used as evidence for claims we have to back up. Arguments through essays where we research and sometimes it means we see these quotes as educational means. Often overlooked, there are quotes that not only can pertain to your educational life, for whatever you use it for but also your life in general. Without further adieu, here are two quotes that have resonated with me.

  1. 1. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi


    In this reality, there is so much that has to be done and so much that has already been done. Progress, in any field really, is what humankind has achieved multiple times throughout history. Nevertheless, progress does not mean we should ever stop striving or that the end of the line is going to come soon. I first stumbled onto this quote while researching for a paper while I was in middle school. It didn’t mean much to me then, because I had no idea what those 12 words meant, what I could do with them. Six years later though, they mean to never give up, to take everything you’ve ever wanted, every dream I have ever had, and make it into reality. My goals realized, my shot to the moon and landing with the stars is what this quote means. 

  2. 2. “Maturity begins when you can be right without having to prove the other person wrong.” - Unknown 

    Black Girl Beauty Landing Hero Image

    It’s hard to distinguish when the time comes that one changes from child to adult. For womxn, it’s said when we get our periods, we are “real” womxn. For men, it is said that when a voice deepens and a growth spurt comes. In my opinion though, it is not age nor wisdom or physical attributions that make someone of age, but maturity, discipline, and respect. Everything in education teaches us as students to argue a point, to fight for what you think is right, but it is that distinction between student and person to understand that sometimes the argument is not about what is wrong or right, but rather the knowledge when to walk away.  

In a world where most are raised to compare themselves to others, it’s important to recognize who you are as an individual. Take that uniqueness and shape it into a role that gives you happiness, success, and pride. While I don’t agree with the social media constructs of juxtaposing images of each other, it is crucial to understand a different societal aspect of every person you come across. Every interaction you have ever had as an individual can shape and change you, no matter how insignificant or passing it could’ve been. Every person has left something lingering behind and it’s such a good thing to be a puzzle full of pieces that are so diverse to each other. That perspective can give so much insight into the beauty that life can be.