Staying Sane During Quarantine

During this craziness, I was lucky enough to go home and visit family. Being at home did wonders for my homesickness and loneliness, but it didn’t last very long. Two weeks was all I had before I left back to my reality of work and school. Now that  I’m back in my own home, with most of my roommates gone, the extrovert in me is going insane! If you’re anything like me, here are a few things to keep you sane at home!


1. Create a new routine! I’ve found that keeping myself on some type of schedule keeps me from staying in bed all day and just sleeping. I get up, log into my classes, and workout. Every day, I create a list of the things I’m going to do and when. The hardest part… is following it.

Silver macbook by planner and flowers Pexels / Alana Sousa

2. Do something creative every day! Whether it’s drawing or coloring in a color book or writing a new song, let your creative juices flow. I bought some cheap coloring books and markers off of Amazon and it’s helped me feel like I’m not just stuck in a box, like the one I call home.

3. Video chat with friends! I’ve never felt so lonely, despite seeing people through my work, and it is honestly just so depressing. I try to call or facetime at least one friend a day. Seeing and talking to my friends makes the quarantine a little better. Plus, you never know if someone else is just as lonely as you.

Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

4. Study! Now is the perfect time to make sure you’re staying on track with school or even getting ahead, especially if school is already hard for you. I try to study at least two hours a day to make sure I’m staying on track. It’s really hard getting up for classes, but once I do, I like to study after so I don’t start falling behind.

5. Go outside! Right now it’s been pretty hard because of the rain and gloomy weather, but when it’s a sunny day, take full advantage!! Before the rain started, I used to take a chair in my backyard and read a book. It’s so simple but something I haven’t done in such a long time. It also means I’m not on my phone or laptop every free second I have.

a woman sits on the edge of a deck overlooking the forest Chris Ainsworth | Unsplash

6. Eat, drink plenty of water and stay active! I cannot stress this enough! Sleeping all day just makes you more tired. I have been really bad about eating and drinking water. Try making some new foods, set a water goal! There’s no time better than the present to take care of your physical health, which also includes doing exercises and stretches each day. Put on a video of some exercises and some music, and get to it. Your body will thank you later, I promise!

This quarantine has been so hard on everyone I’ve talked to, mentally and physically. Check up on your friends, keep yourself going, and make sure you’re staying home as much as possible! Not sure about anyone else, but I’m really hoping for a summer of serious fun once this is all over!