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Springtime Recipe: Sugar Free Watermelon Lemonade

Lately the weather has been extremely hot and it makes me crave lemonade. But before caving in, I thought to myself and realized it contains so much sugar.  I also don’t want to risk my life going out in public just for a drink. So, I decided to make my own lemonade which also gave me full control over the ingredients. I ended up making homemade sugar free watermelon lemonade. I personally am a huge fan of slushy, or anything that is frozen, which made my drink taste SO good - and the best part was that it was healthy!

Lemonade Cocktail Breanna Coon / Her Campus

Ingredients: 1 Pitcher

6 large lemons (squeezed juice) Quarter of a watermelon (blended juice)



The Lalawatermelon Slices On Sticks Her Campus Media

1. First, blend the watermelon in a blender and strain it that way there is no pulp or thick parts. 

2. Squeeze 5 lemons into the strained watermelon juice. Make sure there are no seeds in there. 

3. In a separate bowl, heat up ¼ cup of stevia and a bit of water. After, put the melted stevia into the pitcher with the watermelon and lemon juice. Mix.

4. Finally, fill the rest of the pitcher with water. Mix again, taste if you like it and need to add extra lemon juice or stevia. Then, store in the fridge to make it nice and cold. 

5. An extra step is to fill it into glasses and put some in the freezer to make it a slush!

Literally this was so easy and delicious. It is great for the springtime and re energizes your body as opposed to soda or other sugary drinks. Try it out and see how you like it!