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A Shopping Guide: 2021 Spring Runway Trends

If there’s one thing I hate overthinking, it’s deciding what to wear. From accessories to shoes, it can be a headache, but luckily there's a foolproof guide to give us a start: Fashion shows. Because of the pandemic, runway shows are becoming a hybrid between a small in-person show and a large online streaming platform. However, this hasn’t slowed fashion down. Looking over some of the spring 2021 runway shows there are some clear constant threads that we should move towards implementing in our own closets.


Cinching at the waist was a favored thread amongst designers this season. A popular way to do this, which has already picked up fame throughout social media platforms, is through bustiers; the flattering shape and construction of the bustiers are what make them so appealing. Other pieces used to cinch the waist were harnesses, which are heavily influenced by Japanese streetwear, along with classic gold chains that sit atop a dress or blazer. Items as the ones mentioned were seen by the likes of Chanel and Prada.

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Oversized Silhouettes

Oversized is a big trend, taking over runways and clothing companies this season. We see it everywhere from wide-legged pants to slouchy blazers; they’ve become popular amongst influencers and the design world alike. Many people like the trend because of its easy flowing potential along with its ability to be embraced by people of all shapes and sizes. Designers such as Balenciaga and Valentino have shown off how to pull off the oversized trend in a smart and chic way.

Fun Outerwear

Bold colors have slowly made their way into becoming the norm of runways. It is rare, especially in spring, for you to not find pastels or neons. For this season's runway shows this idea is particularly highlighted in outerwear. You can expect to see details as Patchwork work design and graphic design throughout your outerwear pieces this Spring.

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Chino Pants

An interesting and different note that arose from the runways was the popularity of the Chino pants. These types of pants have become popular in a straight leg style and, although was mostly associated with a men’s school uniform, designers have flipped this idea and are pairing the tapered bottoms with hyper-feminine tops to balance it out. My guess is it will be one of the newest and most popular trends since it's the most accessible, easy to thrift, and conquers with the other trend of neutral colors that is also booming right now.

Jay Telles

UC Riverside '22

Fourth-year English major with a love for social justice, fashion, and woman empowerment.
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