Rebirth: Spring 2020

During our last week, it feels as if there has been a collective sigh from students. From the beginning of the quarter, all of us have felt losses from the pandemic in different levels while trying to be students at the same time. Some have lost out on graduations while others lost jobs and family members. Some have professors who host live lectures while others only meet once a week. This quarter was unlike any other in the way we had to navigate it with little to no resources and quite frankly, many felt as if the university had thrown us into the lion’s den.

BLM Peaceful Protesters, holding signs Photo by Fibonacci Blue from Flickr

Additionally, numerous protests have taken place to show the beginning of a reformation and revolution within our nation to the ever-occurring police brutality that occurs severely against the black community. With the accumulation of stressors, there has been the formation of a list of demands to UCR officials. Numerous groups on campus have shown their support for accommodations to take place during these difficult times for fellow black Highlanders.


Spring 2020 is extremely uncharted, but I, along with the world, can feel a continuous shift occurring. The fight to end racism and police brutality will be an ongoing battle, but now there have been large movements, as well as justice taking place. As for our bubble in Riverside, there have been peaceful protests that have taken place and I can’t help but feel proud of our community. There have also been professors who take the current situation seriously and know academics have been pushed aside for students' mental health, well-being, activism, and many other priorities. 

sign saying fight today for a better tomorrow Markus Spiske / Pexels

As for myself and being a non-black person of color, I continuously will be an ally to the black community. Whether this be informing family members of what the news leaves out, such as the immense solidarity seen at protests before the police begin to provoke people, or signing more petitions and donating to bail funds, I will contribute to this fight of ending racism and other injustices which take place in our community and nation and I hope you will too.