Netflix’s Twist on Superheros: The Umbrella Academy

Earlier this year, Netflix officially canceled four shows that were important to superhero fans from all over the world. When the news broke that Marvel’s Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and The Punisher were not coming back for another season, it seemed as if the era of superheroes was over for Netflix.  But, along came The Umbrella Academy.


On February 15, 2019, Netflix released its new take on superheroes with The Umbrella Academy. This binge-worthy show creates its own special twist as it depicts what it means to be a superhero as a child, and how they deal with the repercussions as adults. Based off of the comic series by Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy is the perfect fix for those who love superhero shows.


Photo by  The Umbrella Academy Twitter


The show follows a group of seven adults who have gathered due to the death of their eccentric, billionaire adoptive father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who raised and trained them to fight crime. Hargreeves then turns them into a superhero league under the name The Umbrella Academy.”


Most of them left the academy years before the death of Hargreeves and did not get along with him. Hargreeves was definitely not the typical father as he gave the children numbers rather than names. They only received names thanks to their adoptive mother, Grace. On top of gathering for the death of their father, they must once again band together to try and stop the impending end of the world.


Photo Courtesy of The Umbrella Academy Instagram


Their training, lack of love, and absence of compassion built them into a serious crime-fighting team. Each member is equipped special powers, minus number seven, they form a bad-ass team. The twist of the show is that it isn’t just about them being superheroes. Netflix does a great job at diving into the actual lives of these characters. They were turned into heroes as kids, and have developed some serious issues later in life due to it. Most of them have left their crime fighting days behind as adults. We get to follow these characters as they must once again come together as superheroes to save the world.


Courtesy of The Umbrella Academy on Giphy


Here is a small list of reasons why this show is binge-worthy:


  1. The actors and actresses are amazing! From Ellen Page to David Castaneda, you are sure to fall in love with them while watching. They are the perfect people to play these characters, and each tap into the personalities of these superheroes very well.


P.s David Castaneda should be reason enough to watch - he’s HOT.


  1. The soundtrack of this series is to die for! A mix between alternative rock, doo-wop and more, it’s sure to keep you hooked. Artists like Etta James, The Doors, and the beloved Queen are only a few of the amazing artists showcased in the series. I’ve been listening to it on REPEAT.


  1. The humor in the show is so funny. Each character has their own comedic personality, and their interactions are hilarious. The way characters speak to each other is relatable to just about anyone with siblings. *Cue Number Four and Number Five scenes*


  1. Season Two is coming! I repeat, Season Two is coming! Netflix has officially announced that they are working on a second season for this series. There is plenty of time to catch up with the first season. We need answers for the cliffhanger in the end.

So grab your favorite snacks, put on your comfiest pajamas and enjoy the thrill of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.