My Daily Doses of Inspiration





College is said to be the time where you discover things not only about yourself, but your passions as well. At the same time, college is also a roller coaster. One day you feel like you can conquer it all and feel positive about your future, then the next day you feel so discouraged and unmotivated you want to leave it all behind. It’s hard getting yourself out of these moments of hopelessness, of course family and friends give great support, but there are also people on social media who want to keep us girls motivated and empowered(which can be rare nowadays on social media). Here are some Instagram accounts that I like to follow for some daily positivity, encouragement, and empowerment.


1. Girl Be Brave


(Photo by @girlbebrave on Instagram)


Every morning as I scroll through my Instagram, I wake up to an encouraging quote; what a better way to start off the day right?! Girl Be Brave is an account and blog created by Cheryl Hale Quinnelly in order to help spread her grandmother’s message, “to be brave”. Cheryl shares on her blog that women and girls around the world need to remember we are brave and strong! She understands that life is not easy but argues it is the same hardships we endure that shape and make us into the wonderful women and girls we are.  The struggles that pushed and continue to push us will surely build us to be the best version of ourselves. So, remember to Be Brave!


2. Thrive


(Photo by @Thrive on Instagram)


Thrive Global was founded by Arianna Huffington after she collapsed from sleep deprivation and exhaustion in 2007. I myself am guilty of pulling all-nighters and feel bad about myself if I sleep early when I could’ve stayed up and gotten more work done. However, I too am also tired of being tired. Arianna’s goal is to spread awareness of this burnout and stress epidemic that is growing among young people. She also noticed people want to change this negative cycle and lead a healthier life. The company’s Instagram is filled with not only quotes from inspirational people but also posts that give tips for things such as appointment anxiety. This account makes me feel understood and also gives me and their other thousands of followers a daily dose of validation, encouragement, and most importantly a reminder that we are more than our jobs and responsibilities. We owe it to ourselves to take a breath every once in a while.


3. The Power Thread


(Photo by @thepowerthread on Instagram)


The Power Thread was founded by Maria Gilfoyle with the purpose of creating a diverse community that offers young women the empowerment to follow their dreams. The community does this through inspiring stories, events, and social communications that together help women chase and develop their passions. On their Instagram page they feature everyday badass women who are following their passions. The cool thing about this community is that it has given me the opportunity to see that the word powerful holds so many different definitions for different people.


There are so many accounts, blogs, and organizations coming about with the sole purpose of empowering women, how cool is that?! These are just some of the accounts that I have come across that spread a message that I am most inspired by. It is helpful to see that there are women out there who are experiencing similar things to us, it’s even more inspiring to see everyday women build each other up all while building their own empire. I hope you check these accounts out and find a little daily dose of motivation to get you through the day.