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Dear Olivia’s hot Bod,

Hello there! I know we haven’t spoken in a while, honestly in too long, but today is the kind of “seize the moment” that I have been waiting for. I’ve felt the way You nurture me and the rest of Us and I would like to return the favor. It’s a privilege to have such a healthy, beautiful, caring place that forms who and what I am. I’m so lucky to be able, to have legs that rise when I want them to, the will to push myself every day physically and mentally, and the ability to move freely. To indulge in what my Body can give me: my strength, my power, the gift of life, and the present of tomorrow, is something I will always cherish. I take for granted a lot of the time what it feels like to be healthy in mind, body, and soul. My cycle of giving and receiving and nurturing works, abundantly communicating to each other to exchange what fuels me and my heart. 

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I apologize immensely for pushing through 3-4 sports at a time and not giving enough time and energy to properly give my all. I didn’t understand that We work together to help me get stronger, faster, wiser. I never thought about You to be honest, until I got to high school. I didn’t even learn about properly caring for You until after high school. It’s a shame because if I just had the knowledge, We could’ve done so much more. Regardless, I am slowly learning and teaching myself how to grow into a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing meals, and loving what good nutrition can do to heal. It’s amazing to love the way I move, hips swaying, arms up in the air, the way only my Body can give me. I repeat freedom because it is instinct to feel free when I run or dance or breathe deeply, inhaling sharp air into my lungs. 

Once I embraced the natural of my form, it was exhilarating, empowering, to see the stretch marks in different places, the smile lines that will probably turn into wrinkles when I’m older, and tell people We smiled too much. It is my Body that is the Body of a Woman, that comes in all kinds of unique gorgeous sizes, colors, and shapes. To look into the mirror and know that all Women should regard themselves as Goddesses of a sort, for it is Us who can create life at will and nurture. For it is Our Bodies that can break records, crack stereotypes, and be human, it should be celebrated widely for what You can do for the world. I have immense love for how You have always protected and loved all of Us. No matter what You do, You are Our forever home and We will conquer anything as long as We work together. 

[bf_image id="gsf3bvgh2b4z85vnxq9pqgp"] Thank You from Our heart to Our toes. We love You. 


    The Brain of Olivia Garcia 

Olivia Garcia

UC Riverside '24

creative writing major - lover of books, Netflix, and being your truest self
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