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How I Changed My Lifestyle For The Better

Last year because of quarantine I found myself constantly feeling unmotivated. I would have more unproductive than productive days and I would beat myself up about it. Talking with some close people around me made me realize I wasn’t alone in having these feelings. With the state the whole world was in, it brought sadness to a lot of people that caused them to feel unmotivated too. Now after about a year and a half, I moved out of my small home to dorm about an hour and a half away. I needed a much needed fresh start and I could do so independently away from home.

One thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to carry my old bad habits with me to college. At home, I was sluggish and my grades fell due to this reason. I needed to start practicing better habits to improve my life.

I made sure to bring my dream board with me. I made this more than a year ago but I had it stored away. On my board, I have pictures of my dream career, my dream home, and inspirational words and phrases. I laid it up right on my desk, so I can always remember what I am working towards. This is a motivating way to get my work done. I honestly suggest everyone to create a dream board too.

Using a planner has also helped me organize my responsibilities easier. I had a planner last school year but I did not make much use of it. I bought a Hello Kitty planner and color coded pens to help encourage me to use one this year. Along with that, I bought a wall calendar and I used my iCalendar app on my iPhone to organize the things I need to attend to each day.

I also started to make use of the free gym on campus and go way more. When you look good, you feel good. I start my days by going to the gym early then getting some breakfast afterwards. I used to sleep in a lot and feel as if my days were over, but now that I’ve been waking up early and getting my day started I feel much more inspired to accomplish my tasks. I suggest everyone to start their day with something they enjoy to do— whether it is working out, going for a walk, or journaling, it allows you to create some “me” time before you interact with others. It is always so important to spend quality time with yourself.

Along with all these things, I started to eat healthier foods and drink way more water than what I used to. The dining hall offers some foods like soups, salads, and fruits, but I also brought some from home to keep in my dorm. I also bought a HydroFlask from the bookstore to ensure I am drinking a sufficient amount of water everyday. From this, I’ve noticed myself to have way more energy throughout the day and even my skin looks glowy!

These are some of the things I did to improve my lifestyle and my overall well-being. It is common to feel unmotivated and unproductive some days, but don’t let them last forever. There are always new things to look forward to and practicing healthy habits can help you remember that.

Alyssa Monroy

UC Riverside '24

A cellular, molecular, and developmental biology major and public policy minor that loves science, beauty, and writing.
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