Cutest YouTube Couples


We can all attest to falling down an endless YouTube hole at 2:00 in the morning, whether it be from procrastinating with cute cat videos or making ourselves feel even lonelier by watching couple channels. Now, don’t worry, everyone’s been there and everyone’s done that. Staring at two people who seem madly in love within a heavily edited and planned out video can make some people barf and others swoon. Either way, not all couples are putting on an overdramatic show for the camera. Here are some of the few quality couples on YouTube right now that have more to say than just “we’re goals.”


 Slice n Rice (Matt and Glory)

“Slice n Rice,” otherwise known as Matt and Glory, are some of the two brightest people on the Internet. The couple often mentions how they have known each other since 2014 and are beyond excited to be getting married in the upcoming year. The two use their channel to not only combine their outgoing and humorous personalities but also to explore each other’s cultures. Slice n Rice has made multiple videos such as “My Fiance Learns the Days of The Week in Korean” and “My Fiance Experiences Cornrows for The First Time.” They’ve even combined all of these features into a playlist on their channel called the “Learning Each Other’s Culture Series.” Their content is entertaining, but also educational and even more so, charming. Matt and Glory perfectly exhibit the difference of appreciation from appropriation as they take the time to respect what the other has to offer.


Jess and Gabriel


Most likely, you’ve already heard about Jess and Gabriel’s channel together. The two met online just around two years ago, got married in 2018, and took the YouTube world by storm! After the creation of their couples channel, each of them has thrived more than ever. Gabriel experimented with filmmaking, acting, and merch selling while Jess recently launched her own home and stationery company. And the pair also has released their own cover albums, talk about a power couple! The importance behind them showcasing their entrepreneurship, however, is not just to show what YouTubers can do, but also sheds light into what goes on behind the scenes. Both Jess and Gabe have posted videos about struggling with their mental health behind the scenes. They each touch on how necessary it is to put yourself first, especially when there is already a lot on your plate.

Heath and Mariah

Heath and Mariah, probably most well known as being a part of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, are hands-down one of the funniest couples on YouTube. The two do not specifically share a channel, but Mariah is often featured and also edits all of the videos on Heath’s channel. Some of the best resulting content coming from these two are like the “Girlfriend Teaches Vlog Squad Acrobatics” one. The combination of Mariah’s New Jersey flare and acrobatic flexibility with Heath’s quick wit will never fail to put a smile on your face. The more you watch, the happier you will get and the more you will feel like a friend rather than a third wheel.


So, if you ever find yourself in a rut looking through endless YouTubers who only make you want to compare your life to theirs, try typing these channels into the search bar. These perfect pairs will definitely get you out of your head and have your heart warming up.