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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Riverside County has just had its first case of the Coronavirus, and it has caused a panic here at UC Riverside. Many are asking what we should do and where do we go from here? Personally, as someone who loves to stay inside on a normal day, now I have more reason to hide out in my apartment with my puppy. However, although the virus is something to be taken seriously, it should not deter us from living our lives as fun, and safe as it can be. 


I’m sure many have taken advantage of this virus by travelling, now that airline prices have dropped. Many have also hit the markets and stocked up on several vital necessities for everyday living, but the virus has also caused many to turn to barbaric times. 

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People have been fighting over food in grocery stores, and have shunned those who have let out a mere cough in public. Although we are living in a dark time, it is no excuse to return to even darker times. The virus should be taken as an opportunity to be closer with your friends and family because now more than ever is a time to spend with them. 


Many public areas have even shut down in precaution to this virus. And yes, I will be one to admit I did not take this seriously at first. I assumed, along with many other Americans, that there was no way it would ever reach us. I mean, when has anything ever affected us like this? Boy, was I wrong. 


But, we cannot live the rest of our lives inside waiting for a cure that we have no idea when it would arrive. The best thing to do is stay away from huge public spaces, and constantly keep yourself clean. Have some hand sanitizer or wipes on you at all times. Avoid touching yourself and others as much as you can. And above all, the best way to keep clean is to wash your hands! 20 seconds of hand washing at least! If you want to go out into the world, there is nothing stopping you, but of course, be smart about it. This is a matter that must be taken seriously. 


Have fun, be safe, and be careful out there! 


Angela Mayorga

UC Riverside '22

Brown, Proud, and Down. Chicana writer with a lot to say! Check out my insta for more @angelswritetoo