Blac Chyna and the Colorism Epidemic


This past week Blac Chyna, a prominent social media influencer, was scrutinized for her involvement in a Nigerian skin lightening scandal. Over the years colorism and the idealization of achieving white beauty standards have become more prevalent in the media. Promoting lighter skin and more Eurocentric features has become a beauty standard worldwide, especially in US media. Nonetheless, social media users are fighting back to change this toxic and detrimental ideology. Through exposing influencers who perpetuate these stereotypes as well calling out television shows and media people have been able to fight the continuance of this phenomenon.


(Photo courtesy of PixaBay on Pixabay)

Currently, Blac Chyna, an extremely prominent social media influencer has been facing scrutiny for endorsing new plans to sell a lightening cream names Whitenicious x Blac Chyna in Lagos, Nigeria(CNN). Although her time in the media has always been controversial this new operation of hers has proven to endorse her internal ideas that white femininity and overall closer proximity to whiteness optimal; and her huge following allows her the ability to spread these doctrines to millions of people globally. Throughout the influencers career she has majorly identified with her black heritage, but given the opportunity finds a way to praise her biracial and lighter status to gain more traction. She thrives on her ability to uphold white beauty standards while still maintaining POC status. Her beauty is almost undeniable because of how media idealizes her racial and skin tone category.  


(Photo Courtesty of pixel2013 on PixaBay)


Unfortunately, this is just one small example of how prominent the white ideal beauty standard and colorism really is in society. This ideology has become so ingrained in our subconscious we don't even recognize how common it really is. It’s to the point that we don’t even recognize the messages we are exposed to and advocates for change are forced to dig up controversial images in order to open up the public's eyes.


So now that you are aware of this problem that millions of people are exposed to, make it your prerogative to prevent its continuance. Don’t endorse jokes about the issue, don’t let people slide with their “preferences” clearly based on negative stereotypes, or support media that encourages this ideal. It’s a big problem, but it’s also one that can be fixed with the support of all factions of society.