7 Ways to Cheer Up When You're Having One of Those Days

We all have those days when nothing goes according to plan and we end up in a terrible mood. Sometimes you just need a little nudge of happiness to pull you out of the funk.  Here are a few sure-fire ways to combat the feels when you’re just having one of those days.

1. Tea

Tea is always a great way to unwind. Snuggle up with a good book and a big cup of tea to fight off those bad vibes. Lavender is best for alleviating anxiety, irritability, nervous exhaustion and tension headaches. It will boost your mood and health at the same time. Tea is my go to method for cheering up after a crazy day.


2. Walking/Jogging

Leave your phone, grab your headphones and take a long walk. Take a path you've never taken and explore parts of campus you haven't seen.  Long walks have proven to enhance your mental well being, and not to mention a great form of exercise for your heart.  I love the trails at UCR’s Botanical Gardens or just walking around campus in the afternoon. Looking for something more adventurous? Try Mount Rubidoux or taking a hike up to the C. Remember to be safe when walking or jogging alone!


3. Painting or Sketching

Exercising the creative part of your brain is a great way to de-stress. You don’t have to be Picasso to paint! Grab a set of water color paints from the dollar store or dust off the 24 set of crayons at the bottom of your desk drawer. Painting and drawing have proven to calm you down. It also reduces emotional injuries and helps you develop the capacity for self-reflection. Not into painting? Listen to your favorite band or grab tickets to the next Barn Show. Music works the same way! As long as it’s creative, it’ll help you rid of those bad vibes.


4. Call Your Grandma

Talk to your loved ones! Give your cousin in Florida a call or let your Grandma know about how well you’re doing in school. Call your mom and tell her you love her. Gratitude is a proven method for increasing one’s happiness. Want proof? Check out SoulPancake’s Experiment in Gratitude.  They’ll be happy to hear from you and it will make you feel better to talk to people who love you.


5. Play a Game

Call your friends over for game night! Order a pizza and break out your old Monopoly game board or rent the latest Wii games from your local Red Box. What could make you feel better than pizza, friends and Sorry! Playing games with your friends creates lots of laughs, and everyone knows laughing is good for the soul. Not into board games? Organize a flag football game or pick teams and play kickball. Anything to gather your buds and have fun!


6. Meditation

Mindful meditation or any chosen form of prayer can protect your brain against mental stress. Deep relaxation is great for letting go of bad vibes and attracting positivity into your life! Try meditating at home by sitting legs crossed, arms resting on your knees and palms open. Need a little help? Here’s an example of guided relaxation


7. Random Act of Kindness

Helping others will always increase your happiness. By doing something for someone else, you can put your own problems into perspective. Anything from paying for a friend’s lunch or volunteering at a shelter can make your day that much better. Making someone else happy is a great way to make you happy.

Let us know what you do to cheer up when having one of those days!