7 Ideas for a Successful Spring Break

It’s week ten and Spring Break is approaching fast. If you’re anything like me, you can never figure out what to do during the beloved week of freedom. So far, my Spring Breaks have been a little on the boring side. Well, not this time around! Here are a few ideas to make this Spring Break worthwhile!  

1. Road trip

Oh, the college road trip. It’s one of those things you have to do before you graduate. No matter how far or wide, take a traditional, California-style road trip with a group of your best buds. Pack the car with snacks, fill up the tank and hop on the open road. There are beautiful costal routes up the 101 freeway passing cities like Monterey and Santa Cruz. Have your friends suggest songs for a mix cd and grab a paper map to get you to your destination, it’ll feel super legit! (Keep the navigation on your phone up and running, just in case. How did we ever live without Google Maps?!)


2. Volunteer

Staying in town for Spring Break? Volunteering is a great way to spend your free time. Check out the local shelters in your area, or contact folks at the UCR for opportunities on campus. Spring Break doesn’t always have to be about getting wild and crazy. You can lend a hand and boost your resume at the same time.


3. Yard Sale

Okay, I know most of us don’t have yards. But do some spring cleaning and have a makeshift yard sale. Raid your closet for things you didn’t wear all year. We all have that one shirt with tags still on it! Create an Instagram for the sale and take pictures of your items.  Want something more fun? Set up the sale in your apartment and invite your friends and family to participate.  You could even have a combined sale at a friend’s house and invite people to bring things they want to sell. It’s a great way to do some spring cleaning and make a few bucks for books next quarter!


4. Read

Yeah I said it, read! All year long we read books for class and don’t have time to do leisure reading. Grab that book you’ve been dying to read on Amazon or head to the thrift stores downtown to get some cheaper finds. For quicker reads, I suggest Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close and Letter to My Daughters by Maya Angelou. Fun reading will get you refreshed and mentally prepared for another quarter of reading textbooks and course readers for class.


5. Concerts

Go see your favorite bands play over break! There are always cool performances and concerts going on this time of year. Check out ARTSblock downtown for gallery showings and exhibitions happening over break as well. The art center also has a theater playing mostly independent films. Check the listings! There are always fun shows and events happening, all you have to do is find them!


6. Detox

Get healthy over spring break and try detoxing! It’s hard to practice healthy eating habits when you’re worried about quizzes and eight-page papers during the quarter. Give your body a fresh start by trying a safe and healthy one week detox. Your hair, nails and skin will thank you. Make sure to do your research!


7. DIY Week

Go DIY crazy! Whip out your Pinterest board of DIY projects you’ve put off all quarter long and get to work! A week of freedom will give you time to check a few of your projects off your list. Need some ideas to start you off? Check out Dariana’s articles on anything and everything DIY. Have fun creating!

Tell us what you’re doing over spring break!