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5 Shopping Tips for Black Friday

Black Friday is an entire day filled with killer deals and mass amounts of consumed caffeine.  It’s not a secret that Black Friday is one of the greatest spectacles that consumerism has produced to date.  With that in mind, the local mall can get pretty hectic.  Let’s be real, have you ever been to Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday? It’s pretty much like stepping in to that scene in Mean Girls of Lindsay Lohan comparing the animal world to girl world in the cafeteria. Things can get pretty primal, if you ask me.

So, how does one avoid all of those Black Friday crazies? Here are 5 tips on how to do just that:

1. Sign up for your favorite store’s newsletters
I am 100% with you when it comes to signing up for those annoying newsletters that stores have you sign up for but, it has its perks.  Those newsletters are the secret to finding out the best deals.  Store’s usually send out a newsletter about Black Friday deals.  This way you can plan out what store’s to hit first!

2. Shop with a friend
Shopping with a friend is a great way to get through stores quicker than if you went by yourself.  You should go with someone who won’t try to swipe good deals from under you but will want to share it with you instead!  You should probably not go with all of your girl friends because large groups have a great possibility of slowing you down.

3. Don’t stress out about getting there SUPER early!
Just about everyone (and their mother’s) camp out for Black Friday whether it’s at Nordstrom or Best Buy.  In my personal experience, my mother and I never camped out for Black Friday deals yet we still managed to find a lot of good deals! It’s all about knowing where you want to go. Which brings us to our next tip…

4. Know where you want to go
Don’t waste time going into stores you know you won’t buy anything in.  While the idea of spending all day at a mall might sound like a great idea, it can get really exhausting quite quickly.  You also shouldn’t waste time in stores that don’t have good deals or any sales going on.  This is a day you should devote to getting stuff for less than what they normally retail for.  It’s not a day for spending all your money on something that’s selling for full price.

5. Give yourself a budget
This might sound counterintuitive but just humor me.  Giving yourself a budget forces you to spend your money wisely.  Black Friday can get pretty overwhelming and you might find yourself in a position where everything just seems too good to be true.  Each of your purchases should be something you’re really excited about. Not just something that seemed cool or trendy at the time.

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