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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC London chapter.

If you are dreaming of a French getaway, then look no further! These French TV series will provide enough escapism for hours of entertainment as warmer, summer months approach us.

So, it may be best to forget all about Emily in Paris when it comes to French series, from France and set in France, and if you’re really a lover of the French language and culture, take a look at these series that are bound to have you binge watching. And if your French isn’t that great, get ready to forget that the subtitles even exist as these titillating dramas unfold!

1) Spiral (Engrenages)

Spiral is a well-known French police drama and has a whopping eight series so you will have no shortage of episodes to get through. Set on the gritty side of Paris, Laure is the main crime fighting police detective, who – whilst she is all about law enforcement – she also gets lawyers involved to bring about justice and bring down networks of dangerous crime gangs. Despite this serious side of the drama, a love story between Laura and one of her fellow officers gradually occurs, but you’ll have to watch to find out who! (The whole series is still available on BBC iPlayer.)

2) Baptiste

Although this is mostly in English, you can’t deny the French influence from detective inspector, Baptiste, who drives these intriguing ‘who-done-it’s. If you enjoy more crime-fighting series, then this is for you. Often with hard-hitting storylines, Baptiste has some violent scenes and is not for the faint hearted. Though Baptiste is an older detective, he shows intelligence and a creative approach to his cases in the series, but far from being a French Sherlock, he shows calm, logic and heart in the cases he deals with. (The whole series is also available on BBC iPlayer.)

3)  Vanished by the Lake (Le tueur de lac [The lake killer])

A touching drama about a case of a teenage girl going missing in the exact same way as another girl having gone missing fifteen years before. The show switches between past and present day, uncovers dark secrets in the town’s community and again, has a great detective at the heart of the show, determined to achieve justice on the troubling case. Overall, a great mix of drama, tense police investigation and mystery… This will have you hooked to find out how this is solved. (The whole series is still available on All4.)

4) Caine (Caïn)

In a well-known and much-loved police drama series in French, an unconventional detective, who is also in a wheelchair, Caine is a shrewd and kurt detective who solves his crimes with flair and just a touch of arrogance. Despite the French stereotype, he is also a charming flirt, though plays a role transforming views about disabilities and working in the police force for audiences. The show has a blend of genuinely funny and sweet moments, as well as sharp, fast drama that will keep you gripped!

So, if you’re looking for some series to whisk you away for an hour or two (or more!) to France, these series are a great start and hopefully may get you into other French series too! Take a break from studying, sit back, relax and grab the popcorn, or some cheese and wine if you fancy, and get stuck into these formidable French flicks.