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Valentine’s Day Decorations for Your College Apartment


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I decided to run to my local Paper Source to find some cute Valentine’s Day decorations for my apartment.  Here are some items I found when I went there and hopefully they can inspire you to decorate your apartment as well!



The first item is the Love Script Rose Gold Balloon.  It comes with a white string to help aid you in the hanging process.  This balloon looks good anywhere!  The price is $12.95 and is sold at Paper Source in-store and online.  I also think that this balloon would look great with some fairy lights, but feel free to dress it up any way you like!


The next item is the Heart Paper Garland.  It is priced at $9.95 and is sold in-store and online.  It has both pink and red paper hearts, both of which are covered with beautiful gold designs that add an extra sparkle.  



Lastly, I bought some simple red paper hearts to decorate over our television.  They are sold in-store and online under the name Presentation Heart Shapes Pack and are $6.95 for a set of ten.  They are great to hang on the wall, write on or decorate yourself!


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