UC Irvine in One Word


This year, Her Campus has designed a new program, Sister Chapters, which allows two different chapters to come together and help each other out during the year. This year Her Campus UC Irvine has the privilege to have UC Davis as our sister chapter! Thank you Kirsten Burell and Saba Daneshpooy, Campus Correspondents at UC Davis, for all your help with the collobaration. We had a great time working with you both! Check out their version of the article here: http://www.hercampus.com/school/ucd/describe-uc-davis-one-word

We decided to collaborate on an article comparing the campus culture at our respective schools!

UC Irvine was established in 1965, and since then the campus has been a place for innovation and education. UC Irvine is a place that allows each student to shine in their own way, while providing both the resources and the environment to thrive.

We asked some of our team members how they would describe UCI using one word, and we got some amazing responses!


1. Nature Surrounded

source( [email protected]: http://sites.uci.edu/imagining/aldrich-park/)


UCI has over 24,000 trees campus wide, and a little over 11,000 in Aldrich Park alone. Being able to walk to class while crossing through a park is something you do not hear every day. But, the students at UCI are very fortunate to be able to be surrounded by such a beautiful park. The park is the center of campus, and is modeled after Central Park. Because of the many trees on campus UCI is one of the 74 campuses in the nation to win the Tree Campus USA designation. UC Davis is also one of the 74!


2. Unpredictable


UC Irvine’s college experience is one that is full of opportunities for students. Whether it be hanging on a hammock at Aldrich Park, attending our sporting events, going kayaking on the weekends, attending a dance recital or even participating in research - there are endless ways to get involved on campus. The campus’ central location allows for fun both on and off campus!


3. Diverse 

(Source: http://studentaffairs.uci.edu/studentservices.php)


UCI is a well-diverse campus that allows students to express themselves. The community of people at UCI respect all cultures and races. From the multiple resources, such as the Cross-Cultural Center, to the various clubs, UCI respects the diversity of its students.


4. Spirited, ZOT ZOT ZOT!

(Source: http://www.newuniversity.org/)


Although we might not have a football team, we have plenty of other sports teams that we love to cheer on! From basketball to soccer and tennis, UCI’s sports games are always fun to watch and cheer on the team! One of our favorite sports to watch is our men’s basketball team because of the great energy during the games!



5. Challenging 

(Source: https://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/)


Every academic program at UCI is a challenge within itself. Every student faces different obstacles within their major, but with the help of professors, advisors, and friends they are able to jump over the hurdles. UCI offers all of its students a chance to research and go beyond their borders. There are also many internship opportunities on campus that allow the students to learn beyond the classroom.