Describe UC Davis in One Word...

This quarter, Her Campus at UC Davis has had the privilege of collaborating with Her Campus at UC Irvine as part of a Sister Chapter Program. We decided to ask students at our respective campuses to describe UC Davis or UC Irvine in one word. We are using this opportunity to share with our findings with our readers.

Though we are both University of California campuses, Davis and Irvine are entirely unique. Not just in location as Davis is in NorCal and Irvine is in SoCal, but also in campus climate, social dynamic, and general atmosphere.

Students of UC Irvine told their Her Campus chapter that they would describe their campus as surrounded by nature, unpredictable, diverse, spirited, welcoming, open, accepting, challenging, intellectually stimulating and eco-friendly. Make sure to check out the UC Irvine’s Her Campus site to read more about the UCI experience and how it differs and overlaps with ours at Davis!

Earlier this month, our team tabled outside of the Memorial Union to ask fellow students to write down the one word they would use to describe our campus. What came out as a result was an eclectic mix of noun, verbs and adjectives that together vividly painted UC Davis in our heads.  The common themes that were found in the responses are rather too telling to not share!

The Animals (turkeys, cows, squirrels…)

Whether it’s our audacious squirrels who will unapologetically steal your food in front of your own eyes when you’re just trying to relax during your one hour break on the quad, or the Tercero cows who we all have guiltlessly taken selfies with at some point in our UC Davis careers, their roles in our college experience are irreplaceable. And yes, this 100% includes Downtown Tom and the rest of his aggressive turkey clan that have terrorized Davis residents. See the news story here!

The Bikes (“bike tickets”, “bike friendly”..)

A wise man once said “with great power comes great responsibility”... say that to one of the biggest bike towns in the country, because we sure know what Uncle Ben meant. While biking around town can be fantastic because we can enjoy the fresh air, incorporate exercise into our daily commutes, and save the environment one bike pedal at a time, there are also some not-so-great elements that go along with this theme, such as “bike tickets”. Because Davis is so big on biking, we have bike traffic lights and bike roundabouts. Oh, and we also have unspoken bike speed limits… and bike officers. Although you may not be operating a four-wheeled vehicle as you are cycling around town, you’re sure going to be treated like you are. Be careful! Most driving laws will apply to biking, so save your wallet and make sure you’re not wearing both ear buds when you’re on your bike, and that your bike light is operating!

The Eco-Friendliness (sustainable, trees, green, nature, agriculture…)

Six years ago, we managed to alter the fate of 67% of our campus’ waste from ending up in the landfill to being recycled, composted, and reused. We continue to progress, aiming to achieve zero waste by 2020. In addition, over 21% of the foods we consume in our dining halls are local, organic and sustainable. With trayless dining, reusable Aggieware dishes and composting efforts, we are able to dine in quite a green manner! (Information from here!)

The Personal Attributes of the Incredible Student Body (welcoming, resilient, loving, passionate, eclectic, diverse, unified, liberal, hippie, powerful, community, empathetic, passionate, supportive, friendly, woke, compassionate, forward, inclusive, relaxed…)

Needless to say, if there’s one element that sticks out the most about UC Davis, it is the students themselves. Being the perfect mixture of studious and social, Aggies make sure to stay well-rounded and keep themselves educated about the world around them. To describe a campus as “diverse” yet also “unified” may sound rather bizarre at first, but unless you have been to the Davis campus, you would not understand. The inclusiveness nature of the eclectic student body is an admirable characteristic that should not be overlooked. While each Aggie comes from a different background and is headed towards a different goal, we will not hesitate to stop on our tracks and lend a hand to another fellow Aggie who may need help getting back on their feet. We are powerful and we are forward. But we are also loving and supportive.