Stress Less Baby!



Girl, I have been there. ‘Tired’ is an understatement when it comes to describing your overall mood. You are ready to retire, but then you realize you do not have wrinkles or a much needed 401K plan. After some contemplation, you realize you still have quite a fair amount of living left and must continue doing your thang from Monday through Sunday.


Listed below are some incredibly easy tips to combat the Monday blues and give your body that pep and reassurance it needs to battle through the physical and mental demons that present themselves throughout the course of the week.


1. Consider Tea- Tea has healing powers. Do not believe me? Just google “tea properties” in your nearest search engine. Without a shadow of a doubt, every article that appears is filled with raving reviews of the magical drink. Trusty goes on to explain to interested tea drinkers that steaming cups “contain unique antioxidants called flavonoids.” This key ingredient found in many teas, ranging from green to oolong, might not seem like a big deal at first, but once you find out that it can protect your bodies precious organs from free radicals that cause massive damage in the form of diseases, such as heart disease… you just might have a change of heart...quite literally. Tea is marvelous for many health issues, but what tops all benefits is simply the relaxing sensation one feels when holding a warm cup in his or her hands. The feeling is almost unexplainable, just try it out for yourself. Even better tip, if you have a stuffy nose, lean into the hot cup of tea for the steam will help loosen up the congestants and open your nasal passageways, allowing for you to breathe easier!


2. Go for a Walk- Honey, it is a tried and true destresser for a reason. Exercise can center you. When I feel stressed, the last thing I want to do is go out and move my body. I understand the temptation to want to wallow in frustration or try to map out how I can put out the fire burning in my skull. But, going out for a swim or brisk walk around the block will do your stressed out brain some good. While the body is focusing on the physical aspect of working out, your brain gets a break from mentally draining itself. As you wander around the block, so does your precious brain. Once the workout is finished, no matter the size, the body will be flooded with feel good endorphins that will change your mood to an alleviated, calmer state. Not to mention, a workout somehow gives your body more energy afterwards- sign me up!


3. Organization- If most of your day consists of classes, schoolwork, and extracurricular… you barely find enough time to breathe. No wonder you are stressed out and have resorted to googling ‘stress-less tips’ in order to figure out how to calm the storm that’s raging in your head. You and millions of other girls feel the pressure of having a booked schedule-myself included. A quick way to feel instantly better about all of that on your plate is to organize your schedule and your space. If both your agenda and living environment are a mess, then so is your mind. Get rid of the clutter and check off your to-do list one thing at a time. You will feel the stress leave your body each time you tick off a task on your list.


4. You Time- Please remember to take some time out of your schedule for you. It is highly likely that if you are stressed out, it is linked to things that are not necessarily the most enjoyable in your mind. If only a 20-minute break is plausible in your hectic life, take that 20 minutes and do something you really enjoy-even if that means doing absolutely nothing. Take a power nap! Studies show that a 15-minute nap can recharge your brain. Watch a YouTube video if it relaxes you. We all are entranced by beauty gurus and how they transform their faces; let the hypnotic manner of makeup application soothe your mind and eyes. Basically, take a breather and recalculate your schedule, because nothing on your agenda could be more important than your mental health. Without your beautiful brain, nothing on your get done list could get done.

        Following any of these tips will bring much-needed relief to you immediately, that I can promise. If you ever feel pushed to your breaking point or need help, talk to a friend, parent, counselor or doctor. People are there to listen and help you find peace in your life. Managing stress is doable. You got this!


‘Til next time,